Friday, February 10, 2012

Help Needed

Guys, I have taken an absolutely daring decision.

Yes, even more daring than SCUBA diving!

I am making the cake for DS's birthday later this month!

Now, he's a huge Nemo fan. He watches the movie at least 4 times a week (Thats how I can make 3 quilts a week). So he's told me he wants a Nemo Cake!


Something like this.

Gorgeous! Isn't it?

Now how do I make it?

I know I need to make fondant!

But all the fondant recipes that I have found require liquid glucose. And the only liquid glucose I can get here is the one IV kind! 

Is there any way I can still make it? If I mix butter with icing sugar and add some glycerin, will it work?

I'm so freaked out!

Does anyone know a good recipe for a fondant that does not have liquid glucose or corn syrup (I dont get that either).


  1. Try this...they give a recipe to substitute the corn syrup...

    Hope this helps, the cake is adorable! :)

  2. You can make most of that with regular frostings. They will look a bit different, but taste better.

    Royal icing made with either egg whites or meringue powder and powdered/confectioners/icing sugar will allow you to make hard cake decorations like the stand up coral and sponges. Pipe the decorations and let them air dry. You can pipe these decorations on toothpicks to help you settle them into the frosting on the cake.

    Nemo can be piped from stiff butter cream or royal frosting. I have made elephants and gorillas with the stiff butter cream. I did use bamboo skewers to re-enforce legs, and neck bits. It also helped keep the gorilla from tipping.
    I am not a big fan of fondant because of the blah taste. I don't know if you can get it shipped to you in time, but you can buy the fondant already mixed and then just go from there. Is there a bakery you could buy the plain fondant from? Some might be willing to sell it to you.
    Worst case you could make permanent decorations from Fimo or Sculpy and let him keep them to remind him of his birthday.
    Good Luck!

  3. You can warm starburst candies and mold them like modeling clay. You can't frost a cake that way, but you could make decorations to put in the icing,

  4. Once upon a time I tried making my own fondant and I was, well, unimpressed. Especially with the taste. Then I saw this recipe -- THIS is what I'm going to try next. Can't taste worse, looks easier to make, and no glucose.

  5. I've made fondant from marshmallows and powdered sugar and it worked well. Google "marshmallow fondant" for a bunch of recipes. Good luck!

  6. I just checked the Wilton website and found a thread from someone who made a Nemo cake. There may be others but this was the first I checked.
    She attached a few pics on how she formed Nemo by using Rice Krispie treats and then I'm assuming she just frosted the RK treats once she formed him the way she liked.
    You can read the thread here and read the comments. She's put three attached pics on this page but one does not appear to be working.

    I'd search for more on the Wilton site as there may be others.


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