Monday, February 6, 2012

My Most Memorable Experience!!!

It all began as one of our weekend trips...

This time we chose to go to Tarkarli. A place about 6 hrs drive from home...

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I thought it would be just another one of those put-up-your-feet-and-relax-on-the-beach holidays!!!

How wrong was I...

We stayed at this wonderful hotel : Blue Water Resort

We had this breathtaking view from the hotel...

A wonderful place to have dinner...

When DH suggested we go Scuba Diving, I instantly volunteered to look after Aadi so that he could do it! But the instructor informed us that he could only take one person at a time with him and so both of us could do it!

Well, that sure scared my wits out! Of course, I'm scared of water!

We went through all the required form filling procedure... And then when he gave us all the information, the confidence started to build up... And boy, that inflatable jacket just made my day!!! I knew i could not drown even if I wanted to!!!

So I got into the water!!! For some reason DH could not do it. So it was he who looked after Aadi while I went Scuba Diving...

The first few minutes were scary as hell. I almost said, I wont do it. But decided to give it one more try! And I could do it!!!

Going under water was the most memorable experience of my life!

I wish I had photos of what I saw to show you...

There were moments when I panicked, but the trainer was with me and he guided me well. I was even scared that a shark would come and I'd have to make it to the boat, maybe even rescue my trainer!

Btu nothing like that happened and I came back safe and sound! Just with a dreamy brain and (later) a bad headache!

But I'll tell you, it was worth the headache...

It feels great to overcome your fear (I'm sure I'll be as scared as a chicken when I start my swimming sessions in a few weeks). But at least, till then I can say I did overcome my fear!!!

Go beat your fear!!!



  1. Well done Shruti! You seem to have had a real blast....Wonderful sea life too!

  2. Hurrah for you! Looks like a fabulous place to visit.

  3. That is amazing that you're going to learn to swim now. Go you!! It's not scary once you know how. You'll be a SCUBA diving mama in no time. The hotel looks truly amazing.


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