Saturday, February 18, 2012


I did it!!!

Actually I did it too!!!

Okay, seriously, that was confusing...

What did I do? and what did I do too?

#1 : I found Liquid Glucose in Sangli!!!

Actually I have been pestering dear little bro' to go to Dorabjee in Pune and look for it. He had been diligently ignoring me. But then, I came to know that a Starch manufacturing unit at Miraj MIDC makes liquid glucose. I got hold of the owner, who happened to be a friend of my Mom - actually my mom's family is from the town that I was married into! And he sent me a whole lot of bottles of liquid glucose to play with! The best part, not one but two, I got it free and I got it home delivered!!! Yay!!!

#2 : I made Nemo...

Yeah, as soon as I got hold of that glucose I set out working. I was expecting my first attempt to be a failure... Even Aadi was waiting so that I'd finish my trial and give the fondant to him to eat!

But I scraped through...

You should have seen him screaming as he sat next to me and saw Nemo taking shape!

So here is Nemo... I'd have liked it to look better than it does, but I love it and whats more, Aadi loves it!

Look at his happy face...

That makes my day worthwhile!



  1. Nemo looks great!!! I don't think you have to worry about Aadi's smile disappearing for quite some time!!!

  2. Nemo looks wonderful Shruti and more than that Aadi smile is so so nice!!

  3. That happy face has just made my day also.

  4. It looks fantastic Shruti. Way to go !


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