Saturday, March 24, 2012

Advice Needed

I have been MIA here...

But there have been several reasons... You'll know all of them in due course of time...

Right now, I need your advice, or rather, your opinion...

I have got an order of a commissioned quilt. The size is a HUGE 100" x 110". Not wanting to complicate things, I decided to KISS (keep is super simple). I decided to piece together 440 squares (22 rows of 20 squares each) of 5.5".

I have finally dug into my huge stash of modern FQs from the Urbanista bundle.

I had never known that it would actually be difficult to cut up fabric! (Shhh... I tried to use up my least favorite pieces, though... Dont tell my client...)

Now here's my dilemma.

How do I put them together? Do I sew together rows of 20 squares at a time and them sew those 22 rows together? Or do I sew them into pairs and sew pairs together to make 4 patch blocks which in turn, I'll sew together into 16 patch ones and so on?

I want my seams to match as neatly as possible. Which option would you recommend. Also consider the amount of work involved as there are 440 squares!

I am thinking of quilting them using this method by Elizabeth Hartman. I think the design would be perfect for using this quilting pattern!

Friday, March 9, 2012

FQS Oh, Fransson! Friday!! - delayed

FQS! Oh, Fransson!! Friday!!! is delayed for a week this month...

Last month was a bit too busy for me...

And this month, so far has been a whirl wind too!

And right now I'm in bed with a sore throat and cold and a lot of cough!

Will publish OFF next friday instead!

Thursday, March 8, 2012


I was going through my blog archives for the past few days... (Now you know what I was up to)
And I came across my Bella Solids posts...

I realized that it was a lot of fun, wasn't it?

The old posts are so inspiring... They gave me a lot of new ideas...

This is what I'm thinking of right now...

Do the colors call you???

They sure are luring me...

Want to have some more fun???

Gear up for having a blast once again!!!

Get your cameras serviced.... And this time, your quotes book too... (I'll soon tell you why...)

Get ready for a blast of colors this spring!