A lot has been happening at my end!!!

I have been online for most of the last week...

But blogging was just not on the cards...

First thing...

We're having India Modern Quilt Guild's first meet! Its next weekend... That means a lot of things to plan and prepare... We will also be publishing our newsletter at that time. And since I have to be  am the editor of the same, life has been way too hectic.

And here's the wonderful poster designed by one of the founder members, Vidya.

The other thing that is keeping me busy is something that you'll all enjoy. 

Remember this?



Make sure you are ready!

Fun starts May 1st!!!

So what are you up to???


  1. Woohoo! Lucky you - meeting up with lots of fun sewing people! Have fun this weekend!

    I'm up to a lot of the same, FMQing, swapping, petting pretty fabric... etc. :)

  2. Great! I loved the first Bella Parade. For sure I will join the next round of whatever you and FQS are up to :)

  3. How exciting - good luck with the first meet!


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