Friday, May 25, 2012

FQS Bella Parade : Season 2 : Guest Post # 1

Today, on Bella Parade we have a very special guest...

She is one wonderful lady with a passion for quilting...

She not just quilts, but runs a wonderful quilt store too!

She has made over 50 DIFFERENT block designs in the past year!

She has hosted the most fun(ny too) contest last year!

She hosts an awesome and complicated hexagon flower swap!

She is

Quilt Jane

Jane Davidson!

I've known Jane almost ever since I started quilting... Her scope of work has always been tremendous and her energy, endless! She's an inspiration to me! She replies to EVERY email within 24 hours! Now thats something I have to learn from her...

I'm so glad that she agreed to be a guest for the Bella Parade... Today, on her blog she will be talking about fabric choices for the 4 colors of the week...

Hop on to her blog to check out what she has selected! And dont forget to tell her that you hopped from here!


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