Wednesday, May 23, 2012

FQS Bella Parade : Season 2 : Post # 2

Hi guys, welcome to the day #2 of FQS Bella Parade : Season 2

The color of the day today is

This is a bright punch orange solid that looks absolutely gorgeous in quilts, if used by itself or with other bright colors too...

Here are some stunning uses of Clementine in quilts!

I recommend you check out this wonderful orange quilt by Leah from Green Bee!

Or the lovely stacked quilt by Jenni from Simple Beans! I love how she made the back, by purposely not buying enough fabric! That inspired her to be adventurous!

Erin from Bittle Bear used Elizabeth Hartmans tutorial to make the blocks for this fabulous quilt of hers! The combination with grey (Kona Charcoal here) is absolutely stunning and breath taking!

Leila from Leila Bad Blood on etsy has used recycled fabric and linen to create this masterpiece! A littl dash of orange in this bright purple quilt has really perked up the quilt!

Jan of Crazy Dog Lady (I love the name!) has used orange along with other autumn colors to give this quilt a punch! You must see the awesome quilts she has made!

Ariel from Pocketful of Pinwheels  has used just a dash f orange in this subdued colorful quilt which looks absolutely adoring! Though her shop is on vacation, you can find her on spoonflower.

I'd really appreciate if you guys stopped by the respective blogs and/or etsy shops and dropped a line to the makers of the wonderful quilts!

Now I come to my most dreaded, yet exciting part! Picking a fabric bundle surrounding this color!

I am in a festive mood at the moment, with the preparations of my brother's engagement party in full swing! So naturally my choices will reflect that...

Here's my bundle

Bella Solids Lime

Do you like the bundle? What would you combine it with?

And now time for the FMQ Design of the day!

I have decided to begin the series with one of the most complicated designs I have ever tried my hand at!

The feather is something I have dreaded for a long time! I decided to try it out for today! And after 3 hours of absolute fun, a lot of unpicking and about 6 episodes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S on DVD, this 18" x 18" piece was done!
I used this tutorial by Diane Gaudynski on the FMQ Challenge on Sew Cal Gal's blog. She makes it look so doable!

Now would you like to win ONE YARD of Bella Solids Clementine?

Here's how you can do it!

1. Create a pinboard with the name "FQS Bella Parade : Season 2"
2. Pin at least one image with the "Color of the Day" onto the board. The image has to be sewing related. Notions, sewing rooms, finished products anything.
3. Leave a comment with a link to your board.
4. The winners will be selected randomly and announced in the weekend giveaway post.
5. All entries will qualify to win the Bella Solids 2012 Fat Quarter Bundle in the weekly giveaway.
6. Pin it! And you could win it!


  1. Holy feathers! Dear this outshines everything I've ever quilted! :)

  2. Here's my entry:

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  4. i made mine!

  5. This is a good start for me to gather some quilty/sewing inspiration.

  6. Love this colour!

  7. Just started using this colour this year and I love it!

  8. I love this color and your quilting is amazing! Here is my board:

  9. Great color!

  10. Here I must have covered "clementine":


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