Sunday, May 27, 2012

How to win 20 half yards of Bella Solids...

I wasn't joking earlier when I told you guys that you could win a HALF YARD bundle of the 2012 Bella Solids!

All 20 of them!

Thats a total of 10 yards of fabric!!!

Isn't that awesome?

Now let me tell you HOW you can win it!

Every week, we will be having a guest blogger talk about fabric combos, like Jane did yesterday. The same blogger will also be doing another post, a tutorial for something that can easily be made in a day!

Some time today or early tomorrow, the post on Jane's blog will be live.

There will be 5 such tutorials in all.

To win the HY Bundle from Fat Quarter Shop you have to make at least one of the 5 tutorials featured.

You're free to make small changes (sizes etc) to suit your purpose, but you will have to actually MAKE something to enter the contest.

The Contest will open from tomorrow - May 27, 2012 and will go on till July 1, 2012.

To enter your entry you will have to write a blog post about what you made including pictures of it and leaving the link to it in the comment! On any of the posts titleFQS Bella Parade Contest"

The 5 guest bloggers along with someone from Fat Quarter Shop will be the judges. The winner will be declared on July 8, 2012.

So ready for some awesome fun???

Meanwhile, keep on pinning to keep on winning!

Remember, I'll be drawing winners for this week tomorrow evening (my time). So you still have about 24 hours to enter the current giveaways!

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  1. I am really excited to try at least one of the tutorials. I'm so glad the Contest is happening during the summer when I have a lot of "free" time.


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