Saturday, May 26, 2012

The lost heroes of the week!

Like I told you guys yesterday, DH's camera and Dad's laptop had turned heads in opposite directions...

But today I found a way to connect the two and so I'll feature all the 3 FMQ designs I did for the week...

The first is something I'm absolutely proud of...

When I decided to opt for the feather design, I told myself, "You're a fool, Shruti! Its too big a bite for your mouth! You wont be able to do it"

But then I decided I'll always have the other half of the half yard that I have of this color, so I must try!

And I'm really glad that I did... It has boosted my confidence 300%!

I'm so ready to take on anything... and anyone!


The next design was the Stars!

This would be a wonderful design for a child's quilt! I'd not make the moon again, given another chance...

This would look beautiful on a sky blue quilt!

The third design is also one of my favorites...

This was the first time I did these leaves, and I loved it! Though there are some funny looking ones out there, but overall I feel its a good job for a first timer!

What do you think?

BTW stay tuned for the next post sometime in the evening... 

I'll tell you how you can win a HALF YARD BUNDLE of the 2012 Bella Solids!!!

Am I not your new Best Friend?


  1. I like the idea of a moon in your second piece - it made the space between the stars come out as fluffy clouds right away. Very cute design!

  2. wow! your quilting designs are beautiful! and yes, you are my new bestie, lol :)


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