Sunday, May 6, 2012

Satyamev Jayate!!!

Every now and then, the youth of a nation awake to the issues that have spread through their country like cancer. It is these people who can actually help to resolve the issues and bring forth a better community.

Its time to awake India.

Aamir Khan, a popular actor in India, who is well known for the few but quality films that he does has rocked the nation today!

Today, at 11 am, the nation was awakened by the jolt that we've long needed.

The first episode of "Satyamev Jayate" was aired and the nation watched, took in, wept and awoke!

Today's episode tackled the subject of Female foeticide in India. And by tackled, I mean it surely was tackled. Every aspect, including official data, census data, experts opinions and personal experiences was covered!

When I remembered today morning about this show, I thought it would just be another television show with a lot of hype due to Aamir Khan being a part of it. But I also knew that this show would not be like the dozen others airing. But what I saw, was so not what I was expecting!

Hats off to Aamir and Team SMJ!

I'm so looking forward to the next episode!

Those of you who could not watch it here's a link.

I promise you'll love it! And the song "O ri Chiriya", I cannot describe what it does to you... I'm sure it'll touch your heart!

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