Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dubai!!! June 2012!!! Awesome Experience!

Yes guys, I'm back from Dubai!!!

And yes I have a lot of photos for you!

Keep reading for a photo filled commentary...

To summarize my trip I'll re-say what I said on FB

"Back from an awesome trip! Had a whole different range of experiences ranging from downright terrifying (a bumpy landing) to irritating (the KK Travels person @ Mumbai Airport upon return) to boring (roaming around a mall for half a day without wanting to buy anything) to euphoric (reaching the 124th floor in a minute!) to enticing (watching a Belly Dance performance) to gripping (THE desert safari) to exhilarating (watching the Dubai Fountains) to comforting (meeting Mala of the Classic Quilts and Quilting)! A memorable trip... Made new friends! Enjoyed things I didn't think I would... Wait for a photo filled blog post coming soon!"

Day 1 was spent at the Dubai Mall... Since the trip did not include sight seeing, we did not know what to do! So we ended up planning to go to see Burj Khalifa, the tallest building! But we did not get the tickets and had to spend the day at the mall with nothing to do instead!

I really tried keeping my hair in place! But...

it was pointless!

The mall was wonderful... I am guessing we didn't even see 15% of it! Its supposed to be one of the largest malls in the world!

A few sights were mouth watering!

And a few mesmerizing!

We loved the aquarium, but missed kiddo!

Here's Burj Khalifa in all its glory!

By day 

And by night...

We managed to visit it the next day and reached the 124th floor in just 60 seconds!

The view was awesome!

It felt great too!

We had a great time!

Being me, I managed to knock down a few things from the racks!!!

This trip marked my first visit to a Brick and Mortar Quilt Shop...

I contacted Mala of Classic Quilts and Quilting and she as well as her husband Shanker were kind enough to travel 20 mins to pick us up! (And later drop us back to our hotel too!)

Her shop was filled with a lot of goodies! I felt like Aadi would have felt if he had seen that Candy tree!

Here's where she has her classes...

And here's Mala at work!

Here's the shop front

Her beautiful quilts on display!

Later that day we went for the Desert Safari! This was another highlight of my trip!

It was crazy, insane, fun and thrilling!

All those powerful machines in the sand!

 We had an awesome time!

This was our group from Sangli... They're all Laptop dealers!

And this was the big man behind our wheel! Mr Kalid! He took his 4WD machine into the sand and gave us all the time of our lives! I'll try to upload the video later today... I did it!!!

Here's the video of the Desert Safari!

this is a short one, will upload the others when I have more time...

It was followed by a Belly Dancing session! That was another wonderful experience!

We also drove these monsters... I could not since it seemed to have a mind of its own (which worked the other way than mine) and so Rohit had to do some back seat driving!

We went for a city tour on the last day... Have you ever gone to a beach at noon! Here we are, having a great time at 1.00 pm at 43deg Cel!!!

We had planned to go to Burj Al Arab the 7 star hotel, for dinner... But we could not get reservations!

So this is how far we could go!

Next we went to the Al Qasr Hotel... Its a shame we didn't get to stay there...

Do I look fat in this picture? (I do not want an answer) 

That bag is my only non-quilting shopping of my trip! Its gorgeous!

We also visited the palm islands...

Here's Hotel Atlantis... Since we were short on time, we just drove through the roads... Rather than wait and spend time at any one place!

These are our menfolk with the drivers of the two cars... They took us around the town... It was a fabulous trip!

Will I go again?

Of course, I'm already thinking of visiting during the Dubai Quilt Festival in 2014! Wanna join me? Lets start saving!


  1. Fantastic! Thanks for sharing your trip.

  2. Girl I am so jealous of your trip!!! I'm glad you had such a great time! :) I was rooting for you in that fabric store -- hope you picked up some great things!

  3. really enjoyed all your pictures! thanks

  4. Dubai looks so interesting and different from any place I have ever been. I guess I would not want to go to the beach at that time of the day when it was so very hot. We do visit Las Vegas and go in the pool at that temp, but we also do not have to go on the hot sand. I hope you found some wonderful things in Mala's shop!

  5. Mala's shop is fantastic! I hope you've found some beautiful fabrics for your new projects.

  6. What a great experience....loved seeing your husband just spent 4 months in Dubai with work (Airforce)....he got out once very 10 days or so and wasn't that impressed with the shopping malls. He did the desert safari and loved it too. Hugs Khris

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