Saturday, June 2, 2012

FQS Bella Parade : Season 2: Guest Post # 2

I gave you a few hints about our guest today...

1. She had reclaimed herself...

Her original blog, as I knew it was called Reclaiming me!

2. She has beautifully blended Vintage & Modern

Of course! She was very well known as Vintage Mum Modern Child!

3. She has recently started humming the tune of her heart!

She now blogs as Hummingbird!

Please welcome, Kelly

I've known Kelly for 2 years now... And her journey has been incredible...

She is one of the strongest woman I've known... And I draw inspiration from her, not just quilting, but parenting and life in general as well... She has been quiet on the blogging front for a while now... But now I'm hoping to see her back with a bang!

Please hop over to her blog and check out what she has paired the solids of the week with!

And dont forget to come back tomorrow and see what she's going to make for us!


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