Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A delayed post!

This post should have come last week!
But I was in bed with Flu (I came to know then that Flu is a short version of Influenza! - knowing that made me feel like I was really very sick!)

My recent finishes...

The first is something I so much enjoyed making!

I made a mini version of the "Orbit" Quilt from "We love Color" by Jennifer Sampou.

Though I managed to "wing" it... I'm so happy! Not because of the actual result, but the process... It was liberating!

Attempting to break your own ways is awesome! It gave me the same feeling as when I was SCUBA diving!

Here's my quilt!
Its 16" x 16" and is a wall quilt!

And here's the detail of the quilting! It is pretty dense!

I'd love to make a larger version of this one!

Last week was a HUGE milestone in my life! My little one wanted to learn to sew... and I taught him!

It helps when you have a machine with speed control and on/off button! It was so easy for him!

He made this pillow! It now occupies a place of honor in my living room!

I'm such a proud mom!

And here's some stuff I made for the craft fair coming up in October!

Some baby bibs... More to come along with matching burp cloths!

Tissue Pouches!


This one is for me... Will make more like this in different fabrics...

 Pattern 2

 Pencil Rolls

Some swoon birdies for the mobiles... There were some more made too... But I dont know where they are! A 5 year old in the house loves them!

There's a lot more work to be done!

But it was a productive week!

Dont you think so?

What did you make?


  1. I'm sorry you haven't been well but sounds like you are on the mend. All your projects are lovely and I LOVE your Orbit quilt. It is stunning!

  2. Your liberated orbit quilt is fantastic, Shruti! Glad you're feeling better. Your blog is looking great these days, too.

  3. Oh, and how terrible of me not to comment on Aadi's pillow - it's cool and awesome!!! Way to go, Aadi - you have a great teacher.

  4. WHAT!?! Your orbit quilt is amazing!!! AMAZING! I'm so inspired! I love Aadi's pillow too - he did a great job!!


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