You guys already know that I love maths!

I've said so here...

But here's some lovely maths! Any kid will love to have it in their room!

A set of a Plus and Minus Pillows

Here's the Plus Pillow

And here's the Minus (though I kept it with the stripes vertical... I had not named them till after the photos!

Do you like them?

I used fabric from the lovely FE Bundle that I got from Fat Quarter Shop to make these...

There's a lot left after making these... Maybe I'll just make it into something else...


  1. Beautiful pillows. I think they're screaming out for a quilt to go with them.

  2. They are beautiful! I adore plus pillows (I made one for my daughter) and the minus pillow to go with it is a cute idea.

  3. Really cute idea! Great use for that sweet fabric too. I particularly like the Plus pillow.

  4. Lovely cushion, great fabric choice.

  5. Yes, indeed!!! Gorgeous pillows and love those prints!

  6. Just hopped over from Lily's Fresh Sewing Day. Love your cushions. Di x

  7. I really like the + pillow... but I might be a little bias towards + quilts in general.

  8. wowww.... ur newest follower


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