Saturday, July 14, 2012

My quilting classes...

Did I tell you guys I started taking quilting classes?
 Well, I did... And here's the work of my first student.

She chose some bright colors to work with. She has a 6 MO DS for whom she was making this one.

She wanted to make it slightly bigger than a baby quilt. So it is about 48" x 60"ish. (We never actually measured it!) 

The original plan was to make 6 blocks. But her baby took ill on the second day and we had to rush through the process as she was here just for 3 days.

So instead of making not-so-good 6 blocks we decided to make only 4 instead and I helped her with the quilting. She did about 20% and I did 80% of the quilting.

We selected a range of blocks. Since she was already good at applique, we did not use that.

The corners are funny 'coz we had to hurry through the process 'coz her baby was running a temperature and had a stomach upset. The blocks ended up being different sizes and we trimmed them down without giving it much thought.

Here's Ashwini, my friend who comes over to help me with the exhibition stuff holding up the quilt... She was the tallest one among us.

And here's a seak shot of her. She did not know I was taking this picture! LOL


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