Monday, July 2, 2012

My Sewing Room

I never did really show you guys my sewing room, did I?

I finished re-doing it (I've added a lot more since these photos) and I'm (still) loving it. The only thing I'm not loving is that it does not have the quality of light that my earlier sewing room had...

This is what it looked like earlier... These are pictures of evolution!

This is where it all began...

This is the current location of my sewing room minus one wall! It was open to the then Dining Room and hence the light!

 Then I took over a small room adjoining my bedroom! The orange room!

This is where I went out of my way to make it into a proper "sewing room"

This is soon after we tore down my office and I got some new furniture into the room!

Some moving things around!

And here's what it looks like now...

Here's a tour for you guys...

This is what you see when you enter the sewing room. Its right next to my living room. So it makes it easy for me to stay connected to the house!

Right in front of me is my pin-up wall with all the mini quilts and stuff I have received in swaps. The small knitted sweater is one made by my grandmother when I was pregnant with Aadi. (she passed away in the 6th month of my pregnancy and never could see Aadi wearing it) I keep my computer facing that wall. Don't you all agree that I should upgrade to a Laptop, especially since DH runs a Laptop Shop?

On the left, facing the window is my cutting and sewing table. In the corner I have a rack for all my "up"cycle stuff. My scraps are all sorted into bins and kept under my cutting table.

This door leads to Aadi's room! So I'm right next to him as I work - that makes me a happy mom!

This is the wall that is to the right of my computer wall. The book rack holds all my books, patterns, notebooks and my Harry Potter books! The table holds my smaller table with baskets below and above it and also my tiny scrap jars...  I'll be using the remaining table for ironing... 

This is the detail of the stuff on my small table... First - to the back are my tiny scrap jars sorted into - yellows-oranges, reds-pinks-lavs, blacks-whites, browns-beiges & blues-green. Then the three baskets hold (from right to left) Sewing Machine Stuff, Cutting instruments and hand sewing stuff... Under the table (from right to left) zippers, misc stuff and craft stuff (punches and tapes)

This is my cutting table along with my fabric storage. This is the fabric that I use most of the time. My batting and rarely used fabric is in the overhead cupboard - sorted in boxes.

Thats my thread rack along with the charpai stools I had made for my living room! And thats the door to the living room...

Here's my fabric stack once again! I just love how yummy it looks!

My room has evolved over the last two years and by no means is it going to remain this way for ever... But for now, it works! 


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Cheers again!!!


  1. That was a fun tour - thanks! I love your green accent on the wall. Very fun and graphic!

  2. Your sewing room is gorgeous! I'm really jealous. I've been meaning to sort mine out for ages.

    I recieved the 2 yards of fabric I won on the FQS Bella parade, thanks so much for hosting the giveaway, the fabric is delicious!

  3. wow Shruti - it has come a long way! I no longer have a sewing room :( so I keep my fabric in the wardrobe hidden away *gasp* I don't seem to have a lot of time to sew now anyway so I'll just have to follow along with your creations :)

  4. Great tour of your room and the green accents are neat!

  5. I love your sewing room! Thanks for the heads up about the linky over at Pink Chalk. I linked my recently re-done room there too! :)

  6. Shruti, you room is looking fantastic

  7. very nice, I love the green! where did you find the tall jars for the scrap strips?


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