Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Getting the opinion of the other kind...

I have been one of those people who have got the look from their other half after completing a project...

Here's how it usually goes...

Me : See I made this XXX today.

Him a glimpse stolen from watching TV : Hmmm

Me : Do you like it?

Him : Hmmm

Me : Do you think Red would have looked better than xxx?

Him : Hmmm

Me : Shall we have dinner now?

Him : Sure. Whats for dinner?

Do you also have these conversations? I know they (our better halves) really appreciate what we do and they all are in no way capable of honestly telling us if red would have looked better...

But then, how do we get our opinion on things that really matter???

Well, I found a way... Rather, Trevor made the way for us all!

Now, if you do not know who he is, I can tell you in one sentence : He's the guy who married a craft blogger and blogs about it!

He's hosting a linky party starting this week...

So I Married A Craft Blogger

Hop on, only if you have a truly brave heart and can digest some criticism!

I thought it would be great to get a masculine opinion on the quilt I made for DH!

Now I'm waiting for Trevor to give me his opinion about it!

Would you like to join the hop? Join in...



  1. I think this quilt looks great! Of course, it looks a lot like a quilt that I made as a wedding gift for my brother and his wife... hexagons that are in the same color scheme :)

  2. Black, white and red is so classic. This is great!


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