Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My work at the HV Meet : Rainbow Waves!

So I went for the HV Meet and hand a lot of fun!

You saw me demonstrating, thinking, and having a blast... But did I actually work?

Oh yes, I did!

After giving my demonstration on Improv piecing, when everyone else was busy with the contest, I did a little bit stitching of my own...

I have always looked at all the decorative stitches on my machine and thought, I wish I'd use them some day... But could never think of a project for them...

Working on the HV Platinum 775 I found a use! I had to... It was super tempting...

I wanted to see how I can play with the stitches... Use them in quilting...

And here's what I made...

I choose to call it Rainbow Waves... 

Here's a detail shot...

And another...

And some more...

I did these with the regular all purpose pressure foot and straight and decorative stitching...

I plan to frame it... It feels more like a painting than a quilt... I'll make a few more too...

Do you like it? Have you ever used the decorative stitches on your machine for quilting? Would you use them now?



  1. It's fabulous!! I've used the decorative stitches on my Singer - I played with them a lot at first but realized I really don't have a use for most of them. I do like the fancy stretch stitches for the rare occasion that I sew stretchy clothes!

  2. Wow, Shruti! It's all gorgeous! That gives me a great idea on how to try to make my waves on my beach mug rug ripple and blend!

  3. Fabulous! I have used decoarative stitches to machine sew down binding. It's a fun extra element especially on kid's quilts.

  4. Yup. Used them on a quilted snap bag. Isn't it fun?

  5. Amazing! I am totally in love with your rainbow waves! That is such a great idea - I never thought about using the decorative stitches for quilting but you can bet your sweet bippy I'm going to give it a try now!

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  7. I just bought a new machine and I will certainly be trying this on some potholders/mug rugs I plan to make for Christmas gifts. Thanks for the idea.

  8. I've used some of the decorative stitches on my machine, but I have never made a project that featured them. Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos. They really generate some great ideas.

  9. That looks great. Maybe I have to move the dial off the straight stitch.

  10. Hey Shruti,

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