Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Hex-ed Quilt

On a cold wintry day of February... Malka Dubrawsky's Colorful "Fresh Quilting" inspired me to try something I had never done before!

Y Seams!

I never like to do anything the easy way! Maybe I just dont like to be peaceful... I always have to be sitting on the edge of my chair, biting my nails or pulling out my hair!

So what did I decide?

To make a 72" x 82" quilt for DH!!!

I challenged myself... It took one day to cut all the hexagons and I was ready to go on...

Well, the plan was great... To gift it to him on our anniversary at the end of the month! Wonderful, isn't it?

Well, not so much...

I now know that I am not a huge fan of Y seams. They're not difficult, but just that the work got put away every time I tried to get it out and be done with it!

Our anniversary came and went... And then I said, I'd give it to him on his Birthday (April)... That never happened either. I always managed to find something more important than completing the quilt...

But this time, I decided I'm going to give it to him - a gift for no reason... Just to say that I love him!

And I took them all out... But then I was overwhelmed again... But I did not put it away... I decided to improvise! I got some solid black fabric and decided to stop the rows where I was and cut them straight!

And this quilt was done!

I love the look of the quilt! I quilted it with two different designs... I did stippling on the black parts and spirals on the hexagons...

I hope you can see it in the detailed shot...

I used solid red for the backing... And used a black thread in the bobbin! So you can see the quilting on the back...

The white marks are from hanging the quilt on my son's chalkboard!

Here's a detail of the quilting on the back...

The color of the fabric looks hot pink here - but I had to adjust it so you guys can see the quilting!

I'm already in love with this quilt!

P.S . I really have a lot of doubts how much DH is actually going to get to use this one! I spent a perfectly cuddly afternoon under it today! ;) And I'm sure there will be many more... (afternoons, I mean - Y Seam Quilts - not so much)



  1. Oh yes it looks fantastic! Great idea and well done. The quilting is just perfect, looks like real roses!

  2. ...and a fabulous quilt it has turned out to be

  3. Love the fact that the hexies have the black solid broad border. Adds that touch of modern-ness to the quilt. Awesome !


  4. Came across from so I married a craft blogger, I love this sooo much, I love you're ready "to be mocked" but this is seriously awesome!

  5. Way cool! I love how you shortened the project and finished it with black, so totally something I would do!

  6. ok. a.) gorgeous! b.)I did a rag quilt in red black and white earlier this year and I'm seriously crushing on some of your prints c.)no way you're getting mocked on SIMACB! d.) this girl is your newest follower.


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