Sunday, September 23, 2012

A week that was...

It has been a hell of a week!

Some things happened that I never imagined, never wished... While I tackled some that I never thought I would!

It was both exciting as well as depressing!

The bad news first... My parents are selling the house that I grew up in! And the house grew with me...

This is what it looked like in 1985. I think this snap was taken on my little brother's first birthday... It was a 5 room house where 9 people lived! And what life it was!

My parents, my uncle and aunt, my grandmother and we 4 kids enjoyed being together!

And vacations were always full! All the cousins came over ad we had 10 kids in the house!

We had a swing on the terrace that could accommodate all of us! Most of our days were spent there... The mornings more than once involved treks to nearby hills (Satara - saat tara - seven stars - name derived from the 7 hills that surrounded it) We even slept on the terrace... I can clearly remember few of us, pulling blankets over their heads in the morning to avoid sun shining directly on our faces!

Come 1990 and the look of the house changed... We had 5 more rooms and another kitchen...

But we kids always stayed together... :)

We enjoyed cricket matches together - I remember the India Pakistan match when I was out running errands with mom and we came home to find walnut shells all over the staircase! When we reached the living room we found all the seven men of the house plopped on various chairs, even the floor, with walnut shells on every possible surface! Apparently they had eaten through 1 kg of walnuts and used the doors to break the shells open!

This is what my house looked like when I got married! Actually this picture is of the day I got engaged...

More recently this is what it looked like... At the time of my cousin's wedding!

I know my parents have valid reasons to sell this house and move elsewhere, but aren't these memories too precious?

The worst part : The new house will be so alien to me! I wont have any memories associated with it! :(

It will be very difficult to let this one go...

Okay, enough of me crying... I'm sure the new place will be fabulous and we'll make new memories there!

Moving on to the good news!

Well, I started working on a new quilt!

40 blocks - 8" x 8" each... Simple, isn't it?

Well, here's the twist : Each block has 256 pieces! 0.5" square finished!

Here are sneak peeks of Block # A8

I have pixelated an image in grayscale, and using those pixels as guides I'm working on making a potrait quilt!

My personal target for this one is diwali - 15 Nov! for the quilt top!
Though I'm not going to need it before February 2013!
Going to need a whole lot of encouragement for this one!


  1. So sad to loose our childhood homes. :( I'm sure you'll make a lot of great memories in the new house though. I love your pictures through the years - so cool. Also, it occurred to me that I have no idea how old you are... but I know that your brother is my age, as I was 1 in 1985. :) Happy tiny sewing! :) You're even crazier than i am with all those tiny pieces!! :)

  2. I know how you must feel coz i have experienced that. In fact I never went back to my house after it was sold. The new owners have invited me more than many times but it will not be the same. They have made their own changes both internally and externally. I'd rather have the same image in my mind. In fact i do not visit my friends in the same society for the very same reason...stupid sentimental fool what some say but thats how i am.


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