I do not know how I forgot to post about this one...

I think I started it in April last year...

FIL was in the hospital then and I was spending quite some time there... I decided to start some portable project... So started making hexies... But not flowers... I decided to not follow a geometry and just randomly piece them together...

It was fun to make them and right now the size is about 19" x 21"...

I have reached a stage where these have been in their carry-it-all hexie bag for about 6 months now... So do I just square it up, add a solid border and finish it off???

Or do I attempt to add more to it?

The fabric is scraps from my Paalvi Quilt...

I still have a lot of them left... So what do you suggest? I still go on and on and on???



  1. May as well use them up ; ) you could then appliqué it to a straight border so it's eay to bind. Enjoy!

  2. I say go on! :)
    I have fallen in love with hexies.

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