Monday, September 24, 2012

Guy Pillows for my Brother...

This project has been pending for quite some time... No apparent reason, but just did not move my a@# and get on top of it...

Pillows for my brother - Chaitanya... He got a new chair a few days (okay months now) back...

And also bought a pillow for it!

I told him I'd make a funky looking pillow sham for it!

Fast forward--- It has been a LOT of time since I did that and I reckoned I should make him a pillow sham BEFORE its time to buy a new chair!

So I finally got my bottom moving and whipped up these TWO - yes, two - pillow shams for him... It took mere minutes! No idea why I had put it off so long!

The first is a New York Skyline in Bright Red!

It still has the World Trade Center! I love it for that!

And the second one is absolutely cute and yet a "boy" thing!

I'm really hoping he likes them!


Meanwhile, I'm going to go away for a little while... With a few friends and our kids minus our husbands! A girls' time out! Yay!
We're going off to my hometown - Its going to be the FIRST time I'll be going to Satara and staying in a hotel! But we're going there to have fun, right! Will be visiting mom & dad though, briefly!

We're going off to visit Kaas. It is about 25 kms from my parents' place... It is the time of the year when the entire plateau on the hilltop is covered with tiny flowers... They are simple wild flowers but so many in number that they are absolutely breathtakingly beautiful! If you ever come to India during August/September (just after the rains end) make sure you visit the place!

To know more about the place and the flowers read this...

I will be back with a lot of photos after 2 days!

Till then...

C ya!


  1. Kaas is beautiful!!! At least what the pictures show.

  2. Love the guy pillows! Have a fun time with the girls.

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