Monday, September 3, 2012

I messed it up!

I really did!

Well, I am so hopelessly careless!!!

I absolutely loved my old blogger template and while playing around, I lost it!

And I had kept a backup of the html somewhere, but only if I was a little more organized I'd have found it!!!

So the story goes like this...

My SIL has lost a lot of weight in the past few weeks!

I met her after a long time last week and was super impressed...

So I decided to tackle my long time weight issue a tad bit more seriously!

The stars were in my favor and I found lettuce and red and yellow bell peppers in the local market here...

So I have been eating salad and boiled veggies for lunch the past few days!

 Now what does all this have to do with my blog design screwing up???

Well, with all enthusiasm, I decided to start a blog about my weight loss journey - Journey to 65...

And I was working with a template for that blog!

I accidentally edited the template for this blog!

And to my utter horror it became a green, blue orange classic template!


So I played around a bit more to make it presentable, but this is so not what I had in mind!


So I'll sit and sulk for a while... Or maybe I'll spend some more time trying to play with my other blog will tell you guys about it when I'm satisfied with the look!

Till then, do tell me if this template is okay...

Of course I'm going to contact Margi and ask her for help!
I'm hoping she can help get my old look back!


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  1. It looks just fine to me! :) I always worry about messing things up on my blog - as you know! I hope you find your backup! :)

    Also. I'm looking forward to seeing your weight loss blog. I'm sure you'll do fine. I keep thinking about starting the running program (couch to 5k) again... but my lungs haven't been cooperating. Good luck on your journey!


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