Monday, September 24, 2012

Orbit once again...

Remember Orbit?

Okay, let me refresh your memory...

A few months back, I bought a book that I fell in love with...

We Love Color compiled by  Susan Woods...

It sure is a fantastic book! The best part about it according to me?

Well, I have said this often and here I am saying it again - I do not get the beautiful quilting fabric that most of you guys use here in India! I know you all are going to tell me that I get some of the most fabulous fabrics here - the ones that you'll die for! But we always desire for that, that we cannot get! Isn't that the rule of life?

So, I dont get the beautiful quiltign fabric here! But Solids! I get them like none of you!

Here's just a glimpse of what a blouse piece store looks like - Do any of you have a fabric store with THAT many colors?

Image source

So solids is something that I can do without having to wait for 2-4, sometimes even 8 weeks before I get to see the fabric in my hands!

Apart from that, the fact that the quilts actually were popping out from the pages was also a contributing factor!

So I settled on making something that I had never attempted! The Orbit quilt by Jennifer Sampou... I loved it! I decided not to attempt the whole thing and let myself down! So I made it into a 16" x 16" mini quilt instead!

And here it is :

It did involve a lot of dense quilting... I had never done anything so close before (I did attempt it afterwards though)

It came out beautiful! And I'm totally proud of it!

I'm linking it up on the Craft Buds Craft Book Challenge...

Craft Book Month at Craft Buds

If you have made anything from a craft book in 2012, go ahead and enter it!

Have fun!


  1. That is beautiful. I wish I could create something like that.

  2. This is brilliant! Fabulous finish!

  3. Shruti, this is gorgeous! I love the contrast of the neutral background and the pop of colored fabric and thread in the circle. Thanks for linking up to Craft Book Month. :)

  4. That quilt is gorgeous! What a great job. And I think I would faint if I went into a store like that.

  5. Looks great! For the store photo: OMG! :-D

  6. absolutely beautiful!!! and the quilt store by my mom's house probably has around that many solids - i just call her and describe ranges of colors i want and she goes and buys them for me :)

  7. Gorgeous! I just checked out that book from my library, and love it so much I may have to buy it! That fabric is amazing! I live in a rural town in the US, and it's hard for me to find fabric I love sometimes too. That book is very versatile!


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