Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Know Thy Machine : Post # 9 : Kelly

Today's guest on the KTM blog hop is Kelly from Sew Kelly Sew.

She started quilting in 2010 (after attending the local MQG meeting!) She started her blog to keep track of the ONE quilt that she wanted to make - a birthday quilt for her daughter! (Apparently she has continued blogging, but has not completed that quilt!)

Hop over to her blog to find out what she has to say about her machine!


Time for today's question

What was the longest stretch of sewing that Kenna did on her machine?

1. 24 hours
2. 12 hours
3. 36 hours

Leave a comment with the correct answer ON THIS POST.

Winner will be drawn on Monday 5th November 2012 at 10.00 am IST.

One block wonder quilt

I did it!

I finished my Onee block wonder quilt! I had decided to enter it into the Bloggers Quilt Festival this year and had a deadline to work towards!

Amy's Creative Side

I'm absolutely thrilled the way it turned out!

Making this quilt was a journey in itself...

I was inspired by a fellow member of the Modern Quilting group on FB and wanted to give the technique a try.

I had the yardage sitting on my shelf for quilt some time now...

I wanted to make a feminine quilt for myself for a long time!

Everything just fell into place with this quilt!

I had the ebook, the fabric, the cotton batting (that I ordered from Wrapped in Fabric), the perfect large print - feminine yardage and the most divine backing!

The process itself was so much fun, once I got past the cutting stage!

The top came together fairly fast!

And I decided to do just straight line quilting 1/4" on both sides of the row seams...

I really wanted to keep the quilt simple and warm...

And I LOVE how it turned out!

I chose an Indian Chevron print for the binding... I love how the colors go with the quilt...

And I just LOVE the backing! It is divine! Super soft!

I really like the way this one turned out and am thinking of many more of this style!

Quilt Measurements : 48" x 72"
Special Techniques used : One Block Wonder method of aligning and fussy cutting the triangles.
Quilted by : Myself!
Best category  : Two color Quilt, Throw Quilt

Did you enter your quilt into the Festival? Go on and do that...

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Know Thy Machine : Post # 8 : Kenna

Today's guest was Shyamala from Kuwait, and Indian Quilter who is a world traveller!
She has made some of the most amazing quilts that I have ever seen!

Unfortunately, she cannot do the blog hop today...

Instead, I'll take you to one of our readers' blog. She did the questionnaire and I had decided to feature her right then!

Please meet Kenna from Kenna Quilts

And here's a link to her Tale of two machines!


Today's question :

What is the name of Lydia Claire’s friend that she often sees at a retreat?  

  1. Sewy McSewingmachine
  2. Claudia 
  3. Janice
Leave a comment with the correct answer ON THIS POST.

Winner will be drawn on Monday 5th November 2012 at 10.00 am IST.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Know thy machine : Week # 1 : Winner

I've drawn the winner for Week # 1

And Mr Random Org has chosen....








okay scroll down a little more





nice place to put in an advt.

take some more efforts,


Its Stephanie who said...

Congratulations to you!!! I cannot find your email address... Please send me a mail at 13woodhouseroad[at]gmail[dot]com so that I can send you your Gift Certificate!


And all those who did not win, keep commenting, it will be your day too...

There are still 5 weeks to go and then there are some GRAND prizes in the end!!! (Did I just say prizes??? Ooops... I'll spill a little more beans every week... ;))

Know Thy Machine : Post # 7 : Emily

Did you enjoy last week?

We sure had some fabulous names in there!

Welcome to week # 2

And we're going to have fun this week too!

Here's he list of the participants this week

Emily (She does not have a blog) Guest Post on Mommy's Naptime
Shyamala from Banyan Tree Quilts
Kelly from Sew Kelly Sew
Kelly from Humming Bird
Alyce from Blossom Heart Quilts

First up is Emily. She does not have a blog (though after looking at her work I felt - WHY NOT!) She is a superb seamstress and she also does fabric printing!

She is going to be guest posting on the other Emily's blog Mommys Naptime. But here is a link to her flickr stream...

Here are both the Emilys - (or shall I write Emilies??? Grammar... ) with their Round Robin Quilts...

So hop over to Emily's (the other Emily) blog to real Emily's (today's Emily) post!


Coming to the interesting part - Giveaways...

I will be drawing a winner from the last weeks comments (whoa there are 335  of them in a total of 5 posts!) later today!

And as you guys know the winner will be getting a $50 Gift Certificate from The Fat Quarter Shop

Good luck to all!

Today's question :

How long has Vicki had her sewing machine (the one described in the blog hop post?)

a. 6 months
b. about 3 years
c. over 5 years.

Leave a comment with the correct answer ON THIS POST.

Winner will be drawn on Monday 5th November 2012 at 10.00 am IST.


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Know Thy Machine : Post # 6 : Vicki

Today's guest is a Facebook co-group-member of mine!

We are together in the Modern Quilting group that started and that is whn I noticed her work!

This lady is great with FMQ!  She had a Focus on Free Motion Quilting series earlier this year...

Please welcome, Vicki from Sew Inspired.

Hop over to her blog to know more about her sewing machine!

Coming to today's question.

When Sara's friend loaned her a sewing machine:

a) She used it to teach kids how to sew
b) It nearly set her house on fire
c) She loved it so much she didn't want to give it back

Leave a comment with the correct answer ON THIS POST.

Winner will be drawn on Monday 29th October 2012 at 10.00 am IST.


Friday, October 26, 2012

My one block wonder quilt-in-progress

I came across a wonderful quilt in the Modern Quilting group! Yeah, I come across a lot of stunning quilts in that group... Join the group on FB for non-stop action, encouragement and full support with your quilts! There's a lot of quilty chatter going on ... ALL THE TIME!

So back to my current story... I came across this stunning quilt! The maker, Janet McWorkman kindly told me that it was a one block wonder quilt...

I just HAD TO make one... But that meant ordering a book and waiting for it to arrive... :(

CT Publication to the rescue! They have an ebook!!!

Problem solved!

I got working... Cut up my long stashed yardage of Pristine Paisley...

I read the instructions 4 times! I just had to... The first time they really did not make any sense...

And once I was past the cutting stage... This were just rolling!

I'm currently putting the top together...

I still have to press the seams... But could not resist showing you a few flowers...

I love how the individual flowers come together to make that wonderful big flower!

This one's so dramatic!

And this is so feminine!

I just love this quilt! I can see many more coming!!!

Have you made any of these? I'd surely like to see them...


Know Thy Machine : Post # 5 : Sara

Our guest today is a sweet lady...

She makes the most awesome bags, EVER! And have you ever seen someone cut up a quilt that they spent 48 hours making?

Well, thats Sara from Sew Sweetness!

Hop over to her blog to read more about her sewing machine!

Coming to today's question.

What is Jennifer of Ellison Lane Quilts favorite feature of her machine?
a. the integrated walking foot
b. the large throat space
c. the pivot function

Leave a comment with the correct answer ON THIS POST.

Winner will be drawn on Monday 29th October 2012 at 10.00 am IST.


Thursday, October 25, 2012

The sew-in and the craft fair!!!

I told you I had a sew-in at my place early last week...

It was awesome! I was joined by Kausalya, Sneha and Ruby! And we had a lot of fun!
Yes, fun that included fabric, sewing, eating and a whole lot of laughing!

We started off right after the girls arrived! Here's Ruby and Sneha with the rotary cutter!

I wonder what could be so hilarious in The Practical Guide to Patchwork! 

We had lunch at 5 pm! So we decided to go out for some chaat instead of dinner! We shared a lot over paani-puris and bhel!

 That was when the poor waiter wasn't sure whether we were laughing at something he said or we were just - you know, crazy!

I gave the girls those hexie strips remaining from DH's quilt! They are taking them out of my sight! I just dont want to do Y seams again!

Did you know it took two people to iron?

I taught the girls how to make my samosa pouches! I also gave them lessons in quilt planning and FMQ!

We made some aprons for the craft fair... Here's Kausalya modelling for me!

This was one of the most exciting and fun sew-ins ever! I know there will be many more now! Its addicting!

Now coming to the second part of my post - The Craft Fair!

 So how was my craft fair???

It was SUPER!~!! I sold about 60% of the stuff I took there! Considering that a lot of it was for display and I sold mostly smaller items, it was a HUGE success!

So here's a photo treat for you guys!

My booth design was highly inspired by Rachel from Stitched in Color. She did this fabulous series on how-to's for a craft fair that included EVERYTHING you needed to know! Check out the series here. Never hurts to bookmark it! She was so cool when I asked her if I could use her idea for the backdrop! Thanks for the inspiration, Rachel!

So here's my booth!

I had two tables, but the second one was set at a right angle leaving me to enter my booth from under the table! So I moved things about that gave me a perfect display space for my pillows!

I got a new board made...

Isn't it adorable?

I used jelly roll strips of Kona Solids from my stash for the backdrop! It looked so cool! And it gave me an easy way to hang all the sample mini quilts... (though I did not get a single order for them ~~ I guess Sangli is not yet ready for them ;).. Ha!)

On the table were my quilts - sample as well as those for sale!

I sold 7 quilts! That was awesome!

And here was my hottest selling corner! Anything I put here, just got sold fast! I have no idea why!

There were crayon rolls (I sold about 50 of them! - I had made only 10 so I made the other 40 at night after coming home!) Aprons! - I sold 10 of them and I had taken only 3 with me! Kitchen Napkins! The eyeglass cases! ALL of these were sold!

This is a look at my least selling corner! I did not sell ANY pillow covers - a friend buying 3 after I said they're not selling does not count, right?

I was surprised to see that I did not sell many Samosas either! Now that was a bummer! I had made 20 and I sold just 5!

Didn't they look as delicious to others as much as they look to me?

No idea!

BTW, are you guys following the Know Thy Machine Blog Hop! You sure are going to enjoy the next 6 weeks!

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