Thursday, October 4, 2012

Know Thy Machine

I am hoping a few of you must have noticed the new button on my side bar!

If not, here it is


From 18th October to 30th November we will be having a fun blog hop here.

31 Bloggers will be answering some questions about their sewing machines and it will be fun to go through their answers...

BTW, the fun Lego Sewing Machine on the button has been made by Carrie from Such Designs. She has also written a tutorial to help you make one!

Go right ahead, first to the tutorial and then to your kids room to sneek out those pieces that you'll need to make your own Lego Sewing Machine!

And if you think a kit for making this machine would be a great idea go here and vote for it! Your vote might be just the one that helps Carrie persuade Lego into making a kit available to all of us!

Thank you Carrie for the tutorial, and most of all for letting me use this image for the button!



  1. I love that little Lego sewing machine. Is it out there to buy somewhere?

  2. Great logo button - I hope Lego listen to all the voters! Looking forward to the blog hop!


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