Friday, October 26, 2012

My one block wonder quilt-in-progress

I came across a wonderful quilt in the Modern Quilting group! Yeah, I come across a lot of stunning quilts in that group... Join the group on FB for non-stop action, encouragement and full support with your quilts! There's a lot of quilty chatter going on ... ALL THE TIME!

So back to my current story... I came across this stunning quilt! The maker, Janet McWorkman kindly told me that it was a one block wonder quilt...

I just HAD TO make one... But that meant ordering a book and waiting for it to arrive... :(

CT Publication to the rescue! They have an ebook!!!

Problem solved!

I got working... Cut up my long stashed yardage of Pristine Paisley...

I read the instructions 4 times! I just had to... The first time they really did not make any sense...

And once I was past the cutting stage... This were just rolling!

I'm currently putting the top together...

I still have to press the seams... But could not resist showing you a few flowers...

I love how the individual flowers come together to make that wonderful big flower!

This one's so dramatic!

And this is so feminine!

I just love this quilt! I can see many more coming!!!

Have you made any of these? I'd surely like to see them...



  1. Shruti that is gorgeous! My first quilt was a stack and whack and I think it's facinating what you get from different fabrics. I never would have picked the fabric you did but what a fantastic result. Please keep the pictures coming!

  2. I've only ever got quilts made from patches of extra fabric left over at the factory I used to work at. Nothing this precise, or amazing!

  3. I love the one block wonder! I plan on making a Christmasy quilt out of - I think it would look wonderfully rich and very Australian (I'm an Aussie missing home).


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