Monday, November 19, 2012

A week that was!

Hi all... How was last week?

Mine was a mixed one... We had Diwali here! Which was totally wonderful but also tiring...

There were a few unpleasant incidents around town - nothing directly concerning me - just dampening the spirit of the festival!

The sugarcane farmers around Sangli have been fighting since quite a few years to get a decent rate for their yeild. This year, during their agittion, things turned sour and a person was killed by one of the policeman's bullet! It wasn't a very good start to Diwali...

After that all roads leading to Sangli in all directions were shut off.. That affected our business too... Sadly there was little that we could do...

After Diwali, when the roads opened,  I came to my parents' home before I go to Pune to conduct the OBW workshop, which we had to reschedule to Friday-Saturday instead of Wednesday-Thursday...

As I had already told you guys, my parents are selling the home that I grew up in... It wasn't a voluntary decision, but the circumstances are such that they have to take the unpleasant decision...

But both my little brother and me, are happy that they will be living in an apartment now, rather than a bungalow, which was getting difficult to maintain just for the 2 of them...

Yes, the new house wont have my memores, but there will be new ones! I'll miss my home, my neighbors - who over the years have become like an extended family to me!
But these relationships will last a lifetime, even if I move to the other side of the world!

This home just has too many special memories and parting with them, is going to be difficult... That is the reason I wanted to spend some time here... Its so peaceful to sleep in the room that I shared with my little brother as kids! I used to get angry to see it become more "his" room and less mine when I went away to college... But today, I'd give anything for it to stay "his" room!

The next time, I'll be here, the house will be empty! I'll be coming here to help mom with the packing and moving! There wont be beds with quilts spread on them, Cupboards with the stickers we put on them as kids! My cupboard even has my 9th Std school timetable written inside it! I'm so going to miss it all!

But as they say, life moves on... I will make new memories in the new house and this house will become a memory itself! A memory that I'll always treasure!


  1. life goes on whether we are there are not

  2. You have exactly the right attitude. Change seems to inevitable, and if we adjust, it's so much better.

  3. I was sad when my mum and dad moved from our family home too...a new stage is dawning

  4. I'm glad you're having a chance to spend some time there to say your goodbyes before they move. My Mom sold my childhood home while I was far away, and I didn't get that opportunity, so I'm sure it's nice to have the happy, sad and bittersweet memories to take with you.


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