Monday, November 26, 2012

IMQG Sewing Summit!

 This week was totally fun!

First I spent some quality time with my parents at our home... :)

Highlights of the trip :

1) I found a few old papers in the garage that made me nostalgic!

2) I visited my neighbors, I sure am going to miss them. I'll visit them again, but I'll miss being able to call out from the balcony across the road!

3) I realized that not all people are what they seem to be. The ones you have considered to be your well wishers might have some selfish motive in their minds and those who you thought would not let an opportunity pass to throw you over, might actually come forward and help you!

4) I did not call my childhood friend and even fought with her when she did... Sorry Soups, I hope you do not remember our fight when we talk again (like you usually do). You are the one person I can rely on and come back to when I need a shoulder for support... Even though I might not say it often, I immensely love you and appreciate the fact that we've been friends for as long as I can remember!

5) Bournvita tastes better than Tea! Thanks Kausalya for that!

6) I always knew I could get up early even if I sleep late, now I know I can sleep in late (11ish) even when I go to bed early (8ish) - A whooping 15 hours!

As much as I wished, I could not make it home for Diwali but I sure got to witness some fireworks... :)

The next few days were filled with quilty kind of fun!

Thursday was filled with a shopping trip with Kausalya! It was awesome! We found some cute prints for bargain prices! Our loot includes a Deli Print, Some Red Busses, Cats, Eiffel Tower and some lovely polka dots!

We spent the evening at another friend, Kalindi's house where we talked about quilting and quilting and quilting!

Friday was the day that I woke up with butterflies in my stomach...

It was day # 1 of the IMQG Sewing Summit and I was conducting a class!

I have taught people before, but not a class of 8 students!

But it turned out to be fun. It was extremely well organized by Kausalya...

Here are the photos of my workshop

Day # 1

Kausalya recently celebrated her birthday and I gifted her the One Block Wonder Quilt that I made! That is one happy recepient!

The ladies busy working...

Sneha with her layout...

Ruby with hers...

Mrs Shinde with hers...


Ushatai... The seniormost member of the group!

Me & Kalindi...

Evening snacktime was celebrated with some yummy cupcakes made by Riddhi...

Thats Riddhi...

And these are the delicious cupcakes! The finished it about 10 mins flat! We decided to call them guilt-free cupcakes!

Day # 2

Day 2 was filled with action and a lot of fun... School girl giggling fun!

We had giveaways every hour... People won gifts for using a red thread in their machine, for wearing new sandals (keepign the price tag on), wearing most number of bangles, and a lot more things!

Here are some of the winners!

Mrs Sammanwar winning for the red hread in the bobbin...

Mrs Shinde for the new sandals...

Riddhi for wearing exactly 5 ornaments!

Ruby for being popular!

Ushatai for wearing more than 4 bangles!

But it wasn't just all play and no work... Everybody tried their hand at FMQ...

Ushatai was pretty confident by the end of Day 2!

Kausalya was whirring away!!!

Mrs Shinde did an awesome job for a first timer...

And here's the magic that they all created...

We made the 16" x 16" pieces into Cushion Covers!

We also created blocks for a super project for IMQG!

I really enjoyed myself! :)


  1. Awesome! It looks like you guys had a great time! And as always it's nice to see your smiling face in these pics! :)

  2. not sure you are on the holiday lane blog hop since there was no button anywhere..but if you were please let us know so we can add you ok..


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