Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Know thy Machine : Post # 24 : Cori

I'm so sorry guys, we've had two no-shows!

The first was Alyssa, I'm sure she has a valid reason... I have sent her an email, and am awaiting her reply... The second one was yesterday's blogger Cristy... I'm sending her an email as well...

But today's guest is Cori from Lets Eat Grandpa

What could tell you more about her than her about me page!

"Hi! I’m Cori — thanks for stopping by!
I’ve been blogging here for more than six years, and over the course of time, both this blog and I have evolved and grown. I love the path that life has taken me to get to this place, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Over the years, with a lot of faith, I’ve conquered a lot of fearsread for a cause and donated $5,785 to charityfell in love with sewing and handmade goodnessdated a bunch and found someone who made it all worth it, became a Tough Mudder, a triathlete, a cyclist, and a ninja, started a year-long project on the fruits of the Spirit, and traveled to Italy, the UK, New Zealand (and everywhere in the US in between) and taught people how to pack light in the process. All the while, I learned to love God, myself, and those around me more and more.
What can I say? I freakin’ love my life."

Hop over to her blog to read about her sewing machine...

Coming to today's question...

Since yesterday's blogger was a no-show, I will ask you another question...

If I was a fairy princess and granted you 3 quilty wishes, what would they be?

Leave a comment with the correct answer ON THIS POST.

Winner will be drawn on Monday 26th November 2012 at 10.00 am IST.



  1. 1. That I would become an expert quilter- baste with a perfect backing placement, my quilting foot won't mess up and I quilt in straight lines.
    2. A top of the line sewing machine which is on a lease plan so I automatically upgrade to the next improved model.
    3. A GIANT sewing room with a cutting table that is custom made for my height and a sewing table that can handle a twin sized quilt.

    Nothing too crazy, right?!

  2. 1 A larger room for my sewing things!
    2. lessons on my quilting machine
    3. enough money to not have to work anymore so I could stay at home and quilt. Would love to be able to donate quilts for worthy causes!
    hulseybg at gmail dot com

  3. Love this idea....
    1. space for a quilting studio with lots of fabric/batting storage, great lighting, and room for a...
    2. long arm, so I never have to baste another quilt!
    3. the talent to operate said long arm!

  4. whew! well, I don't really quilt yet, but 1. I'd love to learn how!
    2. I'd love to have a free source of fabric for ever ;)
    3. And, an hour or so a day when the kids'd be quiet and I could sew in peace :)

  5. 1. A new machine (I really hats my current one) which a matching long arm.
    2. Space with lighting for a new table and storage for fabric..
    3. My best friend to move closer so we can be quilting buddies AGAIN.

  6. 1. A Bernina quilters edition machine.
    2. A long arm machine
    3. A new sewing/craft room the size of a small factory with room for everything and storage for all my fabrics. A nice area for other quilters to join me in my fun and a full kitchen so I could make lunch and dinner without having to leave my sewing.

  7. Thanks for featuring me today Shruti!

    1. A magical bobbin that never ends.
    2. A long-arm quilting machine (And a place to put it. And the skillz to work it.)
    3. A tree that grows designer quilting fabric, fresh for the picking!

  8. 1. a sewing room all to myself!!
    2. a never ending supply of fabric
    3. all the time in the world to sew

  9. 1- a new sewing machine with a big side table to work on.
    2- someone to help me with cutting the tiny pieces out.
    3- a large supply of blue and pink fabrics to design with to my hearts content.

  10. 1. A longarm quilting machine that comes with unlimited face-to-face expert instruction and hand-holding. It also includes a magical, never-ending bolt of batting.
    2. A life-long subscription to any new bolt of fabric or spool of thread that I wanted.
    3. Someone to cook and clean for me so I would have more time to play :-)

  11. first - I wish I could go back in time 5o years to watch my mother's aunts quilting in Aunt Cora's living room.
    second - I wish I could go to 1 Quilt Market in Houston
    third - an endless supply of delicious, gorgeous, inspirational fabric

    But truly, especially at this Thanksgiving time, I am grateful for the "quilty stuff" that I have.

  12. First I would wish for a studio for my sewing and quilting. Since most of my stuff is in the living room with the family.

    Second, I would ask for a long arm machine all my own. I have had that dream for a while now and saving for it keeps getting harder and harder with me being the only one bringing in income right now.

    And third would have to be an endless supply of fabric of all kinds.

    But I would trade all the wishes just to be able to support my family better. I love them all and would not change them for the world.

  13. 1) a fabulous large table for my machine. Big enough to comfortably quilt a queen sized project! :)

    2) a long-arm and of douse I would be instantly fantastic at using it.

    3) someone to clean my house and cook whatever I need so I have more time for my kids, work, and of course sewing!

  14. one - a quilt studio
    two - always have a scant quarter inch seam allowance
    three - always matching seams

  15. Dear Fairy Princess with the magic quilting wand, please grant me these wishes:
    1-ability to perfectly machine piece all of my quilts
    2-ability to machine quilt any way I want and it always looks great
    3-ability to teach my grandnieces how to quilt and impart a love of quilting to them
    Thank you fairy princess for reading my wishes.

  16. Oh fun question!
    1. A new sewing machine, I'm just starting my first quilt, but I think it might be a little difficult to use my machine to quilt a very large quilt, as the throat space is pretty small!
    2. A sewing room! My sewing stuff is stored in the hall, in an upstairs room and in the kitchen right now... I have to go round collecting it all every evening once my toddler is asleep!
    3. Unlimited fabric ;)

  17. 1. A beautiful studio with EVERYTHING needed for quilting.
    2. Knowledge and ability to use the studio to produce awesome quilts.
    3. A clean and tidy house so that I can spend lots of time in my studio!

    Thanks for the FUN question, had a great time imagining the answers :D

  18. Three quilting wishes... hmmm:

    1) more space! so that I could have a room completely devoted to quilting
    2) a long arm machine to put into my new quilting space
    3) a person/company to periodically gift me with the fabrics that I love

  19. Three wishes:
    1. All the time I need to complete all of my dream projects
    2. All of the materials I need to complete all of my dream projects
    3. All of the skills and patience I need to complete all of my dream projects!

    Very fun. Many thanks!

  20. My three wishes are...
    1 - A Long Arm Quilting Machine with enough space to fit it!
    2 - A never ending quilting supply stash of fabric, thread and batting!
    3 - A Cleaning Fairy so I could spend more time quilting!

    Sounds like a great wish list! :)

  21. Oh dear, I hate to tempt fate by wishing for things out of the realm of real life, goes.
    1) a quality long-arm
    2) a room for the long-arm; they take up lots of room with their frame and all
    3) quilt-quality fabric free for life

  22. My first wish would be time (as long as you are a quilt fairy). My second wish would be for a larger stash. My third wish would be for a long-arm? I'm not sure as I've never used one but I think I could get some quilts done faster than I currently do.


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