Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Know thy Machine : Post # 29 : Melissa

Today's guest is Melissa from Tension Issues

I loved her blogger header image so much, that I had to put it in place of her own photo!

Totally apt for her blog name!

I have known her for a while on FB... She has made some beautiful quilts... She has even made some Farmers Wife blocks! I have a special admiration for quilters who do those and the Dear Jane too!

Hop over to her blog to read more about her machine...

Coming to the question of the day

How many Christmas trees has Leona embroidered as gifts?

1. 6
2. 5
3. 12

Leave a comment with the answer ON THIS POST.

Winner will be drawn on Monday 3rd December  2012 at 10.00 am IST.



  1. 2 - 5 trees! Those trees are cool! :)
    What a great story she has! :)

  2. Leona has made 5 Christmas trees.

  3. 5 Trees, hmmmm should be a song.....

  4. Five!
    hulseybg at gmail dot com

  5. She has done five trees for gifts.

  6. I believe it was five very awesome trees.

  7. I read Melissa's post and she said to come here and answer her question. The answer is the button hole.

  8. Leona has made 5 of the Christmas trees. I need to find out where she got that design; I love it!

  9. Hahaha, well I suppose 5 is the way to go. I love that her mom goes over to use her buttonhole-r as I have to go use my mom's machine for that!


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