Friday, November 9, 2012

Toto has a younger brother - maybe Moto!

So you all remember the wonderful Toto, Katy sent to me all the way from Ottawa, don't you?

Well, he has a younger brother...

Lets call him Moto!

He was made to order, but after I made it, the customer informed me that he likes Toto better and I need to make another one tomorrow!

So I have named this one - Moto!

Here's a closer look at him...

He is going to go abroad as a gift...

And so here's what it says...

I quilted the background with paisleys... Since India is the origin of paisleys!

I used some of the Memoir in White fabric from Madrona Road to make a path!

I used my rainbow waves method to quilt it (Shhh, I did not use the FMQ foot, just the regular straight stitch foot!)

Here's the back!
A soft mul fabric... And I also made a sleeve to go!

It was fun making him!
And now I think Toto & Moto will enjoy sitting side by side in my sewing room!

What did you make today?


  1. beautiful! I love that backing fabric - you'd sent me a piece of it with my DQS quilt - I backed a small quilt with it too. It's so soft!

  2. Silly customer. Moto is fantastic.

  3. I really love this piece, even better than Toto.

  4. How cute!! I love elephants! I've only seen real ones in zoos though...

  5. Who is that customer? I'd love me both Toto and Moto!

  6. I love Moto even more than Toto. I spent my childhood in India and this quilt just brings back so many wonderful memories. Love it!


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