Sunday, November 4, 2012

Twisting with Price Charming!

I had seen the twister quilts popping up a lot in the blogosphere!

I always wanted to make one, but somehow it got pushed away...

But thanks to my wonderful IMQG friend Kausalya...

Here am I, twisting with Prince Charming!

I had ordered a charm pack of Prince Charming by Tula Pink long time ago!

I decided it was time to cut into it...

And I started a twister quilt, that I'll be turning into a wall art...

I'm loving the way it came together!

Though the border looks like black, its infact the same dark green as the darkest fabric!

Trimmings on the floor!


What are you working on?

Wanna twist???



  1. It's looking great! I'm working on finishing a quilt for my cousin Lindsey. Just finished the craziest FMQ I've ever done! Now to square it and bind! :)

  2. I've done several twisters lately and had fun with them too! I even tried the teeny tiny one starting with 2 1/2 inch blocks, a challenge, but it came out so cute!


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