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Know thy Machine : Post # 33 : Shruti

Sadly, we've come to the end of the blog hop today! And the last in this series is yours truly!
Keep waiting for a fantastic giveaway next week! One reason : The blog hop grand finale! Second : I am writing my 500th post! Yay!

1. What machine(s) do you have? Brand and Model.

I have an old featherweight that belonged to my grandparents! I think they made my baby clothes on it! Then I bought a Bernette E56 when I started quilting, I also bought a Husqvarna Viking E10 sometime early this year and I was gifted a Bernina 330 by the wonderful folks at Bernina India!

2. When and where did you buy it? What were the reasons for selecting this(these) particular model(s). What was its approximate cost.

I inherited the first machine! And it is pretty old... The similar ones can be bought for about 2000 INR (about 37 USD) here... But they do only straight stitching... The second one - the E56 I bought because at 8500 INR(about 164 USD) it looked like a good bargain! I am totally happy with that one, but I bought the E10 because I wanted to try brands other than Bernina. I bought it for about the same price as the E56. The Bernina 330 - market valued at 70500 INR (1362 USD) was a kind gift - a super sweet surprise - from Bernina India. Ever since I have laid my hand on my 330 honestly I haven't used the other 3 machines!

3. What do you like about your machine? Have you named it? Have you made a cover for it?

 The B330 is a dream to work with! It sews like a breeze! I have even used it to sew through 7 layers of fabric when I was making my reverse applique pillow and it went through without any hassle! I love that sewing is effortless with it.

The E56 and the E10 are very much similar and are great for basic sewing. I use them for my students. They both are sturdy machines that work beautifully!

I have made a cover for my 330 but not for the others!

And my featherweight is names Durby, my E56 is Betty, but haven't thought of names for the other two!But now that I have read all the posts, I have decided to name my HV Heather and my 330 Emily (after my best online friend Emily)

4. Does your machine give you any problems? Could you tell us a few?

My machines usually do not give me any problems. I had a few tension issues with the E56, but that was because I hadn't taken care of it. I got it serviced and now its going smoothly again!

I am just a wreck at using the auto threaders! I dont know why, but I'm more comfortable using the good old method of threading my needles!

5. What do you sew on it mainly? Quilts, Clothes, Bags etc. How much time do you spend sewing on it? What are the features of the machine that help you improve your work?

I mostly make quilts on my machines. And I spend as less as zero hours on it some weeks while some weeks I spend close to 40-50 hours on them!
I love the start stop button and the speed control of my B330! It makes FMQ a breeze. I can sit in my chair with my legs folded and work through a quilt!

The same feature also helped me teach my son to sew!

6. What advice would you give others when deciding about which machine to buy?

When you decide to buy a machine, first decide how much you can spend and then buy the machine with the best brand not the most features! With my budget for the E56, I could have bought a local manufactured machines with a lot more features. The equivalent of the E56 was costing me just 4000 INR (77 USD) But I chose to buy the branded one and I'm so happy I made a good decision!

7. Will you share with us a special memory associated with your machine?
There are so many... Very difficult to mention just one... But there's one that beats all others...
I was making a quilt for a friend. I had already told her it was ready - well, it almost was, just needed about 15 minutes of more sewing! I and Aadi were playing cricket in the sewing room and the ball hit my Bernette (I did not have either the E10 or the B330 at that time). Something happened to it and it started running backwards! I was working with something that had a lot of ruffles! So it was almost impossible to use the machine that way! I even tried putting on the presser foot backwards - LOL It was just a couple of hours that I had in my hand! My grandma's machine was sitting in a box on the loft of my bedroom. I got it out, dusted it, oiled it and VOILA! It ran - smoother than any other machine that I have ever used!!! I can never forget that day! Since then it has a very special place in my heart as well as my sewing room!


8. If you had unlimited resources in the world, which machine would you choose to buy and why?

If I had unlimited resources I would spend them all on buying the best Long Arm Quilting Machine there is!!! I'm totally satisfied with my B330 and would continue to use it for piecing and invest it a great LQM! Maybe a APQS Millenium!


Today's question 

What feature do you like in Carrie's Machine? Will you buy it?

Leave a comment with the answer ON THIS POST.

Winner will be drawn on Monday 3rd December  2012 at 10.00 am IST.


  1. Well, it's cute, that's my favorite feature, and it's a legendary part of childhood! I don't think I'll be buying one, but I might just make one!

  2. I like that the thread sits loosely on the pin, waiting for the tensioner to do its job.
    No, I don't think I'll buy Carrie's Machine.

  3. My favorite feature is the size! It would be so handy to take it everywhere with you as you never know when you might have a couple of extra minutes in traffic!
    I don't know where it's for sale or else I probably would buy one! Otherwise I'd have to go buy a set of Lego since my little ones are all grown up. It was a very cute post!

  4. I like the fact that her machine is homemade. Homemade is always the best, right? When my son was young he probably could have made me one of these if only I'd thought to ask.

  5. I love the post here about your machines! :) Also, your new machine's name is awesome! :)

  6. Carrie's machine is so darned cute. Too bad it doesn't actually work! Cute posting and tutorial. I'm going to borrow some of my grandson's Legos and make one!

  7. I love Carrie's machine and I'd like to make one myself! It would be so handy to take to classes - just a shame it doesn't sew!!

  8. I like how very portable it is! Not sure I'll be buying one though, given that it doesn't actually sew ;)

  9. I like it because it multi purpose! She can use it to play with her fabrics and then her son can use it to play legos with! As long as he returns it! Really cute to set on a shelf. No probably won't be buying one.
    hulseybg at gmail dot com

  10. I like the little presses foot and the cute little thread on the top. I love the portability. I would buy it in an instant. It is probably within my budget.

  11. My favorite thing about it is the creativity that went into it! :-)
    I'm not a big knick-knacky person, so I will not by buying one. I appreciate the work that went into this one, though!

  12. I like that the presser foot is a tiny upside down hammer. I'm sure if I rummaged through the Lego bin, or better yet, showed my son Preston Carrie's picture, I'd own a little machine too.

  13. I love the red "thread " on top.adorable.

  14. I love the first picture of your machine - almost like the machine is working alone, through the night, very creative :)

  15. lol I like how it even has a 'needle'! and, I'm sure my kids'd love to have a machine like that--they like being like mom :)

  16. I would definitely buy one because it is the first sewing machine that would appeal to my son!!

  17. I like the creativity and imagination that it took to make that little sewing machine. I wouldn't need to buy one, though - heaven knows I have plenty of Legos in my own house. I could fill a sewing factory with Lego sewing machines. :)

  18. The feature I like the best is it's portability and weight. Dragging my sewing machine up and down the stairs and in and out of the car would be a thing of the past. Zip - into my purse - and away I'd go!! No, I don't think I'll buy one; I actually like that mine actually SEWS! lol

  19. I like the small size and portability of her machine. As it doesn't sew and there is no repair shop for it, I would not buy it.
    However, I've had a smile on my face every time have seen this little lego machine photo. Good work and fun had on each stop! Thank you!

  20. Thanks for sharing the story about your machines! :) I have no knowledge on new machine. I have experience on featherweight sewing machine. That is the sewing machine I use to learn how to sew.

  21. I love that her machine was made from a daydream.

  22. I love the imagination that is behind this machine!
    Thanks so much for this blog series - it has been informative, a lot of fun and has introduced me to some wonderful blogs!

  23. I love that she made it from Lego! My boys think it is all it too! I would love to make one, but don't think it would be very useful for sewing with. :)

  24. I love the look, it looks similiar to my Bernina. I think I will have my grown son make me one with his Legos. I think I will keep my Bernina though. :-)

  25. Gotta love a Bernina Lego. I love that her family enjoys using their imagination and legos - my favorite toy I ever bought my son 39 years ago.

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  27. I like Carrie's machine and want to make it with my own effort.Tesla and Elon Musk

  28. Hi Shruti, Just came across your blog today, it is fascinating!!! I have just recently got bitten by the quilting bug and am taking this up again after ages (My earlier quilts were made when on my manual sewing machine. ) Am just awed by these new techniques and machines. Am planning to buy a Bernina since they have a showroom in Mumbai. Could you tell me where you got your E56 from? Am so fascinated by the work you have done- each one of your quilts is a masterpiece :) . Can one visit your studio and see your quilts? Would love to - Tanuja NAdkarni


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