Monday, December 31, 2012

My Wishlist!

Of course! The new year, among other things, also brings my Birthday!!!

The end of the year reminded me that I haven't put up my birthday wishlist yet! I'm here to rectify the mistake!!! :)

So whats on my list this year?

#1 : An exercise equipment

But I guess this one will be coming true in a few days. Mom's sending me her motorized treadmill! It should be here by tomorrow morning! Yay!

#2 : A good phone!

My current one if good too, but I'm so ready for an upgrade! Personally I love Sony Experia! And I'd also like a 3G card to go with it!

# 3 : An iPad

I dont care if it is 2/3/4/mini or whatever! And ipad is an ipad!LOL

#4 : A GREAT Camera

My current one is good, but it has a kind of step-sisterish relationship with my computer! I'd love to have a camera that can directly upload stuff to the internet for a change!

#5 : A Bernina 7 Series Machine

Okay, I know this is going a bit too far... But it is a wish list after all... A girl can always dream!

Now these are all BIG (okay HUGE) gifts... But there are some small ones that I'd love too!

#1 : Fabric

Can you ever have enough?
I'd love me some Echino (anytime, you need not wait for my birthday for that)
The fall 2012 collection looks awesome

Some Architextures (You haven't forgotten that I'm an Architect, have you?)
 Or you could order any of the newest released bundles!

Just sayin...

#2 Books
I ALWAYS love books...

Here are some on my wishlist currently

Floral Dimensions by  Pauline Ineson

Modern Patchwork by Elizabeth Hartman

Modern Quilting Designs by Bethany Pease

Quilting Lione + Color by Yoshiko Jinzenji

Modern Quilts from the blogging universe

In the Studio with Angela Walters

Transparency Quilts
Masters : Art Quilts : Vol 1

Masters : Art Quilts : Vol 2

I'd also like some fun things this year...

Maybe some new puzzles (jig saws)
Or this kit!

I love the shop name : Tappu ki Dukaan (Tappu's shop)

And if possible maybe an extra month in the year so that time comes to a standstill and I can do whatever I want!

Whats on your wishlist???

I make this list every year not because I expect anyone to buy me all the stuff but because I enjoy making the list as much as I'd enjoy if I actually received any of it as a gift! :)



  1. Would it be wrong for me to copy and paste this wishlist for my birthday?

  2. Great list!! If only you lived closer! At the bookstore I work at (where I run the craft section) we have most of those books currently! But they're big and heavy! I hope you get all the things on your list!


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