Friday, December 7, 2012

The Portrait Quilt : Update

My portrait quilt is on its way to finishing!

You cannot imaging how happy I am!

Here's how far I have come

And the BEST part! He resembles DH's great grandfather! PHEW! I was so scared it might not look like him... I was a nervous wreck, even putting aside the work for a while... Scared that it might look just totally different and I'll disappoint everyone, including myself!

But I am a happy girl now!

What next?

Tomorrow I plan to start quilting this one! I am planning to get a smaller sized photo copy of the picture and mark the quilting lines on it and use that as a reference...

I have one question though, I am planning to directly quilt it without sewing down the pieces individually... That means that I cannot pin baste it... So if I apply the Pellon to the background fabric and fuse it to the cotton batting will it work? I have never done this before... Do you guys think It will work? Or will it be too much of glue and cause problems when I quilt?

Hoping to see some answers by tomorrow morning...




  1. Wow, you are an artist! I can't imagine taking on this project. It is amazing

  2. I am in awe of your talent! This is just stunning!

  3. This is stunning, Shruti! I've never tried to put a quilt together this way, so no advice, sorry...

  4. Shruti,

    you are an amazing quilter and so very inspirational....what a pleasure to follow your blog...thanks for sharing.
    to your question...when i am fusing fabrics to one another i use mistyfuse. it is a very lightweight fiber, and a teflon pressing cloth is advisable when using products like this as getting it on your iron can have devastating results. but if that happens the teflon cloth will clean your iron quite nicely, i use the goddess teflon cloth...both these products were suggested to me by a wonderful fiber artist and person instrumental in the formation of SAQA (studio art quilt association), Yvonne should google her!!
    anyway, my best to you. you are amazing!!

  5. Shruti--your quilt in progress is amazing! I like Carolyn's suggestion about MistyFuse. When I use MF and can't find one of my teflon sheets, I use parchment baking paper to protect my ironing board and another piece to protect my iron. Another option is to use a temporary adhesive spray. Another option (but I don't really know if it will work if you say you can't pin baste) is to thread baste it using Sharon Schamber's method (watch her YouTube video, but you probably won't be able to use the boards as she suggests--I don't use the boards because of space issues and it works great for me). All the best with your project!

    All the best! Denny

  6. Wow that is amazing! I can't wait to see it finished.


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