Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The year that was!!! And the year that will be!

I can say that the year has been that of learning...

Here are a few things hat I learnt...

1. Trust people with caution. I do not say that do not trust them at all, you'll never make friends that way. But know them better before you trust them! I learnt it the hard way...

2. Believe in yourself! No matter what others say. You will be able to do things if you believe in yourself! Trust yourself, be a little more lenient... Overlook small flaws and work on the major ones!

3. Explore, experiment & experience! Explore new avenues, new areas that you never did before. Experiment with your skills, you'll be amazed at your results! And Experience the wonders of life when you do these things!

4. Forgive & Forget! Learn to forgive people and forget the bad things they said/did to you! Look for the good in mankind. And you'll be much happier! Everybody deserves a second chance!

5. Smile - a lot! When you're feeling low - Smile. When somebody hurts you - Smile. when you feel defeated - Smile! Know what??? Its infectious! It can even stop an argument!!!

6. Spend more time with your children! Listen to the little things they tell you. Its fun. I make Aadi stand in front of me, facing me - hugging me - on the scooter when I drop him off to his class. We talk about his day for the journey and we both love those 15 mins!

7. Have a long term goal and break it into smaller ones! Breaking up your long term goal into smaller ones will make it easy to achieve! It will also give you a sense of completion!

 2012 also saw me emerge as a better quilter, I believe. I have tackled stuff that would have scared me. And conquered my fears!

It is also the year of my biggest achievement so far! My portrait Quilt!!!

 I'm really looking forward to 2013!

Why? Its "MY" year! 2013 @ 13 Woodhouse Road!!!

What are my plans for the new year?

I have a simple three-point plan for the new year!

Grow. Reduce. Maintain.

I would like my skills and abilities to grow.
You will see quite a lot of this on the blog!

I want to work on reducing my stress as well as my weight! (I guess weight reduction is on my perpetual to-do list!)

I want to maintain what I have achieved on my home front! I am currently at a "happy" stage as a wife as well as a mother! And I would like to work on maintaining it!

I'm taking the first step towards growing!
I'm hosting a "Self Portrait Quilt Along" right at the beginning of the new year.
Here's the form to fill to sign up.

Fill the form and then join the Facebook group.

I will be posting the general instructions for the quilt on my blog. And I will be emailing specific instructions to all the individual users depending on the method they choose to use and the photos they select.

Find it intimidating? We are going to be a huge support group cheering on each other as we work. There will be lots of help. And I'm working on having prizes in the end too!

Join in!!!

What are your plans for the new year? Start by selecting a photo you want to immortalize and hop on the ride. We'll all help each other to stay afloat!

Here's the schedule.
1. Sign ups and Picture Selection - up to 31st Dec

2. List of supplies - 1st Jan

3. Picture Preparation - 7th Jan to 12th Jan

4. Fabric Selection - 14th Jan to 19th Jan

5. Fusing - 21st Jan to 31st Jan

6. Sewing - 1st Feb - 9th Feb

7. Quilting -11th Feb - 23rd Feb

8. Finish & Show off! - 25th Feb - 28th Feb

Hop on, join the fun!



  1. Even if my plate wasn't full, I would be too nervous to tackle this on this round, but I am looking forward to what people do for this!


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