Hi all,

Welcome to 13 Woodhouse Road...

If you're coming here for the first time, via Sew Mama Sew, let me tell you a little bit about myself.

I'm Shruti, a 34 year old SAHM to a wonderful 6 year old son - Aadi. I live in India with my husband and my wonderful son.

I studied to be an architect. I was pretty good at it, considering that I finished 16 projects in 3 years before I got married and shifted to a new town altogether...

I started quilting when I took a break from my job following a bout of Chikungunya. And then I just fell in love, all over again! There's just no going back to architecture now that I am here!

I had not touched a sewing machine before January 2010, and I believe I have come a long way from there  till today...

If you want to compare, here are a few projects that I have done

The Lemon Quilt - I made this using scraps from my mother's dresses and some cheap cotton. This was my first FMQ project. I used old curtains as batting thinking it was awesomely intelligent to 'up'cycle them, but when my fingers went numb for 8 days, I realized it was a bad idea.

Or this quilt, which has a lot of things that can be termed "wrong", but I adore it for the memories associated with it!

And there is this one... This is special, because this is how I met my Best Blogging Friend! Emily! :) She was the recipient of this quilt!

Or this - Gardens of India - my first commercial pattern!

Or Paalvi - my favorite one! This is where the transition from an amateur quilter to a more confident one began...

How can I forget to mention the one I made for my little one - the Dr. Suess Quilt!

Or the one I made for my big boy - my husband - the Hex-ed Quilt

And nothing else can beat my best work so far! The Portrait Quilt that I made for my Husband and his family to celebrate 100 years of the family business - a portrait of the founder - his great-grandfather - Dada Ajoba!

Apart from making quilts, I am also the founder President of the India Modern Quilt Guild.
We are a wonderful group of women who have fought a lot of negative criticism and survived... We're going strong and are getting stronger!

Whatever the reason you're here, I am glad that you are! :)
Welcome to 13 Woodhouse Road!
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  1. Yay!!! I'm off to read your post for SMS! Congrats on being featured! I was just thinking about the Doll Quilt you made me - it's hanging proudly on my wall! :)

  2. Loved reading your headliner pages on Sew Mama Sew...and I love this post, too. Something about those first few quilts and the memories and lessons from the mistakes make them really sweet. :-)

  3. Lovely work Shruti - and that portrait quilt is stunning - you are right to be so proud. :-)

  4. That portrait is amazing! I've heard some great things about you from Emily and finally made it over to check out your blog. Very inspiring!


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