Monday, January 28, 2013

Hello to my new visitors!

Hi all,

Welcome to 13 Woodhouse Road...

If you're coming here for the first time, via Sew Mama Sew, let me tell you a little bit about myself.

I'm Shruti, a 34 year old SAHM to a wonderful 6 year old son - Aadi. I live in India with my husband and my wonderful son.

I studied to be an architect. I was pretty good at it, considering that I finished 16 projects in 3 years before I got married and shifted to a new town altogether...

I started quilting when I took a break from my job following a bout of Chikungunya. And then I just fell in love, all over again! There's just no going back to architecture now that I am here!

I had not touched a sewing machine before January 2010, and I believe I have come a long way from there  till today...

If you want to compare, here are a few projects that I have done

The Lemon Quilt - I made this using scraps from my mother's dresses and some cheap cotton. This was my first FMQ project. I used old curtains as batting thinking it was awesomely intelligent to 'up'cycle them, but when my fingers went numb for 8 days, I realized it was a bad idea.

Or this quilt, which has a lot of things that can be termed "wrong", but I adore it for the memories associated with it!

And there is this one... This is special, because this is how I met my Best Blogging Friend! Emily! :) She was the recipient of this quilt!

Or this - Gardens of India - my first commercial pattern!

Or Paalvi - my favorite one! This is where the transition from an amateur quilter to a more confident one began...

How can I forget to mention the one I made for my little one - the Dr. Suess Quilt!

Or the one I made for my big boy - my husband - the Hex-ed Quilt

And nothing else can beat my best work so far! The Portrait Quilt that I made for my Husband and his family to celebrate 100 years of the family business - a portrait of the founder - his great-grandfather - Dada Ajoba!

Apart from making quilts, I am also the founder President of the India Modern Quilt Guild.
We are a wonderful group of women who have fought a lot of negative criticism and survived... We're going strong and are getting stronger!

Whatever the reason you're here, I am glad that you are! :)
Welcome to 13 Woodhouse Road!
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  1. Yay!!! I'm off to read your post for SMS! Congrats on being featured! I was just thinking about the Doll Quilt you made me - it's hanging proudly on my wall! :)

  2. Loved reading your headliner pages on Sew Mama Sew...and I love this post, too. Something about those first few quilts and the memories and lessons from the mistakes make them really sweet. :-)

  3. Lovely work Shruti - and that portrait quilt is stunning - you are right to be so proud. :-)

  4. That portrait is amazing! I've heard some great things about you from Emily and finally made it over to check out your blog. Very inspiring!


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