Friday, January 18, 2013

To do or not to do...

I finished quilting the white part of the Harry Potter Mini Quilt...

The final size is 33" x 23"

 It turned out to be be a lot of work (18+ hours just for the quilting), but absolutely fun to do!

This is the first time I actually had a PLAN when I started quilting. Usually I let my creative instinct take over, but this time, I took time, I deliberately quilted it the way it is!

I have used 4 designs for the quilting - Pebbles at the bottom, Waves in the middle, Spirals on the top and Paisleys for the Stag (Patronaus)... I also quilted a few spells here and there... 

My original plan was to quilt the white part with all the 'good' spells and the black part with the 'evil' ones... But looking at the quilt now, I am loving the trapunto-ish quality! I used a heavy loft poly batting and hence the un-quilted part has a nice puffiness... I am liking it, but then I also liked my initial plan...

 So now what do I do? Do I keep it the way it is? Or go with my initial plan and quilt the black part too?
Help me decide... Leave your suggestion in a comment... While you do that I'll finish up the binding!

 Do you like it?


  1. I really love it the way it is now! It pops and looks really great, I think if he was quilted too it would look neat, but it might be too busy for your eye.

  2. I'm not usually a fan of leaving parts of quilts unquilted, but I think it really works for this piece - it makes it look like the ghosty thing (can't remember what they are called) is flying right out of the quilt. Beautiful quilting too!

  3. I love it the way it is. I wish I was skillful enough to make something similar for my MIL, that's just gorgeous!

  4. This is a super piece. I love the perfection of your quilting.

  5. This is a super piece. I love the perfection of your quilting.

  6. I really love this, Shruti! Great job and you are to be congratulated on your patience! I would leave it as is....I also like the way the black seems to float in a ghost-like manner above the white.

  7. Beautiful ! Can you please tell me the machine on which you have done this...... Thanks


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