Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sew Think Thursdays Week 5

Another week, another Thursday, another question to ponder over!

 And today's question is :  
Tell us about your sewing friends. Have your fabric tastes changed by having friends who like to sew? Do you like the same things or are you completely opposite?


To begin with, there are not many quilters in the town that I stay. And for a very long time, I relied on my online friends to share my passion for quilting. But since the last few months, I have met a few like-minded quilters in a town nearby and we do meet up and chat regularly on the phone!

Kausalya and Riddhi are two such awesome friends...

We have been meeting up, chattin on FB and on the phone regularly for quite some time now!

Yes, we're totally different from each other! Kausalya is the wonderful helpful soul who is loving, caring and encouraging! This lady can whip up 10 stockings and 10 tissue pouches in a night and yet look ravishing the whole day!

Riddhi - this girl is the doer! She does SO MUCH work! I recently visited her sewing room and was totally awed by her work!

I'm the dreamer! And these two help me get my dreams into reality! :) I'm so happy to have found them.

Both these girls are so tidy! Well, Riddhi did apologize for the mess in her sewing room the day I went there and I actually had to look around for it! And Kausalya, I guess she can tell you right now what is where in her N.E.A.T. sewing box!

There's a lot we get to share! There's a lot we get to learn! We might not exactly have the same tastes in fabric or otherwise, and I dont think we have influenced our fabric choices in any way, but we sure have inspired, encouraged and pushed each other in the right direction!!!

Love you girls!!!


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Its All About Me!!!

Today I'm hopping along with Madam Samm and Marlene on the "Its all about me!" Blog hop.

Thank you Madam Samm for this opportunity once again! Remember the Holiday Lane Pillow Blog Hop I did last year?

Thank you Marlene for being such a great Cheer Leader! :)
It was a pleasure working with you...

And thank you Amy Bradley for letting us use one of your coolest quilt patterns!!!

Here's my quilt...

When I looked at the pattern, I felt "Biased" does not really describe my personality! So I went with the one that suits me!!!

I'm a little

Here's my quilt!!!

Here are a little details of the applique figure...

I added a layer of batting under the applique to give it the three dimensional effect!

It it so much me!!!


Here are the others who are hopping with me today

Dont forget to check out all the different interpretations of Amy's pattern!


Friday, February 22, 2013

I wish I was at QuiltCon # 3

Here's part 3 of the I wish I was at Quiltcon party!

And today in the spirit of Modern Quilting, the theme is


Ready for some action?

Make something awesome and link up! We'll have a gallery on Monday!!! 


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sew Thinky Thursday # 4

Emily has put up the question a little early this time so that all those on their way to QuiltCon can put up their posts before they leave!

Well, I'm not going to QuiltCon, but even then I shall put up mine early enough!

"What is one regular thing you do for yourself to keep up your creative mind? Do you go to a guild, out for coffee with a friend? Are there people / activities you do regularly or as needed? "

This one was surprisingly a tough one...

There are so many things that I do, not consciously though, that help me keep my mind creative! I had never given it a thought before...

The first thing I do is get up early! For those who know me since childhood, will be surprised to hear that I get up at 4.30 in the morning! That gives me an hour of undisturbed time before I cook and then wake up Aadi for School! As I type this, he has moved from the bed to the sofa for "another five minutes, Mama". I was never an early riser. I still remember my mom waking me up early to study for my board exams in 10th and 12th and I used to HATE it! After that I went to Architecture College and my entire timetable changed! When we had submissions we didn't sleep at all! And other times, well to say things simply - I never had to make my bed! I got into the habit of getting up early when I was practicing architecture. My client used to come to my home-office after his morning walk - which was 6.30 am! I had to get up and make necessary changes to the drawings before that! But that was only while I was working on his project. After that I lapsed into sleeping in late! Especially during my pregnancy, I slept ALL THE TIME!

But since after Aadi was born, I have begun realizing the importance of getting up early! Don't you just love the idea of having a few minutes by yourself to do anything! You learn to appreciate it only after having a minimum of one child! LOL!

The next thing I do is follow some awesome blogs! Every morning, when I log into my Google Reader I get my dose of creativity from them! I really appreciate the openness of the online quilting community! There are so many chances that your design will be reproduced by someone, but yet, they are ready to share not just photos of the creations, but also the thoughts and process of the design of those beautiful creations! If it weren't for the online quilting community, I don't think I'd be a quilter at all!

Lastly, I carry a square line pad with me - most of the times! Even when I go away on holidays, I carry it with me! I love to get up early in the morning at the exotic locations and spend some time sketching possible quilt patterns for me to make! How many of them actually get to the sewing machine is a different story altogether! But right now, I have enough patterns to write a whole book!

I also, though sparingly, write a journal... My diary started in January 2007, is still going strong! Actually I have 2 diaries! One for my positive thoughts and one for the negative ones! That way the positive diary keeps on inspiring me without letting me down even for a moment! And the negative diary lets me vent stuff so that after that when I come back to my positive diary I feel a lot better!

There are other things I want to do too! But have never managed to... I want to be a little more organized. I want to make to-do lists AND stick to them! Most of the ones I make are perpetual to-do lists! I keep on doing stuff apart from the list and it just gets side tracked!

I have begun making a more organized approach since I'm kicking off my new business venture on 31st March 13! (31.3.13). From that day - 13 Woodhouse Road will not just be a blog, but a business dedicated to handmade goods. I will be selling patterns, quilt kits and quilts plus a whole range of handmade goods. I will also be offering people the option of selling through my store - but that will come later! Right now, I will get my etsy store going - one which has been dormant for quite some time.

What do you do to keep the creative juices flowing???

Link up to Emily's blog hop and tell us all about it!

I wish I was at QuiltCon! 2

Did you know that after scheduling a post if you edit it and click save , it will go back as draft?

I didnt!

And that is the reason you're seeing my Wednesday post on a Thursday!


Take 2 of the I Wish I was at QuiltCon Party!!!

Your theme for these 2 days is


You make anything - quilting related of course, why else would you want to go to QuiltCon!
After you're done - link up below so that we can all visit each other virtually and ogle at what fantastic jobs we're all doing! 
You have to complete the item in 2 days there will be another theme for Friday & Saturday!
So off you go!!!

We will be putting in a gallery next week to see what everyone has been doing!


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My not-so-little one's Birthday!

Its that time of the year! When my baking skills are put to test...

Last year I made the Nemo Cake for my little man on demand...

I had NEVER made fondant before, but I survived!

This years I have planned to KISS!

Remember my mantra for 2013 - SIMPLIFY!

The party is on Saturday! And here's what I plan to do this year!

Source : Pinterest

And the theme for the party will be Chocolate and Colors!

If you have any ideas about games/decor/favors, do leave a comment and tell me.

Any help will be appreciated!

So far I've come up with just one game idea - a Chocolate Relay - divide kids in groups and give a Dairy Milk bar to each group. Each person eats one piece and then passes the bar to the next person. The first group to finish the bar wins! (This sounds like a good game to have at the IMQG meet too!)


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Its All About Me!!!

I'm hopping with Madame Samm again!!!

And this time on the craziest, wickedest, funnest blog hop ever!!!

Its all about me!

We're going to work on Amy Bradley's pattern and you're going to have fun looking at its numerous versions all over blogland!

Here's the schedule

Tuesday, February 19

Wednesday, February 20

Thursday, February 21

Friday, February 22

Monday, February 25

Tuesday, February 26

Wednesday, February 27

Thursday, February 28

Did you see me??? I'm up on 26th February!!!

Do join us on the fun blog hop!

FQS Fun Fridays!!! Winner!

I was overjoyed to see the responses to the FQS Fun Fridays!!

ALL of you got the designer right! Yay!!!
And all but one got the fabrics right!!!

The Designer was Jeni Baker. 

And the fabric was
#1 Color Me Retro Raspberry Kitchenette 

and #3 Color Me Retro Bluestar Dulcette

 from her new collection Color Me Retro

It is one of the most wonderfully retro collections that has been popping over blogland!

You can read Jeni's interview on Fat Quarter Shop' Jolly Jabber here.

And now, coming to the most important part : The Winner!!!

The winner, drawn by is

 # 23

Awesome! Congratulations Caitlin ! Email me your address and your prize will be on its way to you!
We'll have another round next month!!!

Monday, February 18, 2013

I wish I was at QuiltCon!

Of course I wish I was on a plane heading towards the USA right now...

Which modern quilter wouldn't want that?

But unfortunately, I cannot go this year! I need to save up big time! But QuiltCon2015 I'll definitely be there!

So what do I, and all others who could not go to Quiltcon, do?

Have our own I wish I was at QuiltCon party!!!

Ready for some fun?

It is a simple party! What we do is we sew a lot! And then at the end of it, we link up!

The theme of the first 2 days is


You make anything - quilting related of course, why else would you want to go to QuiltCon!

After you're done - link up below so that we can all visit each other virtually and ogle at what fantastic jobs we're all doing! 

You have to complete the item in 2 days there will be another theme for Wednesday & Thursday!

So off you go!!!

Friday, February 15, 2013

FQS Fun Fridays!!! - February

Hello all!

I'm here with the first in this series...

The FQS Fun Fridays!!!


Today we have a wonderful designer

This is her

And here are your options for the fabrics.







To win, Leave a comment with 2 things :
1. Name of the Designer
2. Identify the two fabrics designed by the designer out of the six shown above.

I will be drawing 1 lucky winner from all the correct entries on Tuesday 19th Feb 6.00 am (IST)

 The winner will get half yard cuts of the two fabrics of today's designer!

Have fun!



P.S. I have turned the comments moderation on! So don't worry that others will read your comment and answer. :)
Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sew Thinky Thursday # 3

I am really enjoying the Sew Thinky Thursdays with Emily!

 Her questions have made me think so far, and I'm looking forward to a lot more thinking and soul searching with her...

Today's question is:
Describe your quilting style. Who or what influences you? How do you see your style changing over time?

Part 1 : What is my quilting style?

If I have to sum up my style in one word, it has to be


Yup. Why? Because I dare! I look at something I like and I want to make something similar - I DARE! Even if that means putting together thousands of pieces! I DARE! Even if it means testing my limits as a quilter, I DARE! Even if it means agonizing over why I started that stupid quilt in the first place, I DARE!

And in the end, I think even though my UFOs have taken up a lot of space in my cupboard, I'm happy to have attempted them! I am happy that I DARED! I am happy that I now know what I cannot do / am not comfortable doing (Matching corners surely is one of them - that is why I have 84 HSTs waiting to be trimmed and squared in the UFO shelf!)

here's what my Facebook Friends had to say about my style :
Emily thinks its Fabulous!
Sunita say's its Fresh!!
Kelly thinks its Modern!!!
And Suzanne thinks its Innovative!!!!


I'm happy to have friends who respond within seconds to my post to help me think!

Part 2 : Who or what influences me?

Anything and Everything! Absolutely! I find my inspirations anywhere...
In fabrics and pictures, in poems and phrases, inside books as well as on their covers... In people and relations! Online and offline too!!!


Part 3 : How do I see my style changing over time?

I do realize I have come a long way from my first quilts
 to today...

But that is only because I have dared more an more difficult (to me) stuff!

I so look forward to dare some more!!!

Whats your answer??? Do link up here.