Thursday, February 14, 2013

FQS Fun Fridays!!!

See that new button on my right panel?

 Here's the funnest game in Quilting Blogland!

FQS Fun Fridays!!! @ 13 Woodhouse Road

How does it work???

Once every month, on a Friday, we will have a picture - no name, link etc, just a picture - of a Fabric Designer on my blog.

You will also see six pictures - again no link/name - of fabrics.

Out of these six, 2 are designed by the said designer. 

You have a chance to win 2 half-yard cuts of the fabric. You have to
1. Identify the designer (Name)
2. Identify the fabrics (option number)

From all those who answer correctly, 1 winner will be chosen to win half yard cuts of both the fabrics!!!

Fun, right?

Tomorrow is the first FQS Fun Friday!

Join me to have some fun every month on the 3rd Friday!

Grab the button, meanwhile!


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