Friday, February 8, 2013

How could I?

I have never done this...

NEVER in the 3 (almost) years that I have been blogging...

I made a quilt...

And I forgot to blog about it!

As most of you are aware, Modern Quilt Guild is organizing QuiltCon at the end of this month.

The Modern Quilt Guild had arranged a QuiltCon Block Challenge. Worldwide, members had to make blocks - any size, any shape, any deisgn - using the colors of QuiltCon

As generous as a quilting community can be, the MQG headquarters was flooded with blocks from every corner of the world...

As a way of saying “thank you” to the City of Austin, the remaining blocks were to be used to make quilts for Austin Children’s Shelter.

India Modern Quilt Guild had volunteered to make one quilt.

We received 12 fabulous blocks...

And I put it together, on behalf of the India MQG...

 I quilted the entire quilt minus the white rectangle in the lower left corner in a stipple. I did a paisley quilting in the corner... I'm so happy and proud to be a part of this project...

The blocks were so varied in size that I wasn't sure how to put them together. In the end after innumerable attempts of laying them on my largish bed (I need a Design Wall) to make into a pattern I decided to piece them such that all the blocks were together... And then went on to fill in the negative spaces with solids in shades of Grey and Browns... I also used just one large piece of White solid in one corner...

I am really happy the way it has all come together. I quilted it with Aurifil thread!

Have I told you how much essential it is to have the right tools to make quilting fun and not a chore!

My machine (now that it is at level with the table) and Aurifil Threads are the 2 things I do not want to change in my Studio right now.  It makes quilting a breeze!

As it is crossing the oceans (I just got the news that it has arrived in US and has been released by the Customs Dept for delivery - Yay! - thanks to Indianpost Tracking!) I am so happy that this quilt is going to bring brightness and happiness in the life of a child on the other side of this world! Wow! I have been dreaming since sending this one that someday I'll meet the child who has been sleeping under this quilt!


  1. Gorgeous quilt, I am sure it will be loved and cherished XX

  2. Wow, what a unique, gorgeous quilt! so glad you remembered to show us :-)

  3. It looks wonderful - really unique.

  4. So awesome! I look forward to seeing it there!! :)

  5. Wow! I love the pops of colour. Great finish

  6. absolutely stunning!! WOW

  7. Shruti I need you to contact me about the FRIENDS swap you have not honoured. You have also not returned my emails or those from your partner. I am having to organise an "angel" parcel to her because she has never received anything from you.


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