I have something to share today...

I have finally got hold of the email address that I wanted.

shruti[at]13woodhouseroad[dot]com is finally mine now!


I have wanted to do that since a long time... It means that I will now be able to have my paypal account activated (my old email address is stuck up with some issues)! So that also means I'll be re-stocking my etsy shop!

I am planning to launch the store on 31st March... 31.3.13!

I will be stocking it with patterns, quilts and other handmade stuff...

Looking forward to a great start!!!

In other news, I got the word that the QuiltCon Charity Quilt that I made on behalf of India Modern Quilt Guild has reached Austin and will be there on display at QuiltCon!!!


I cannot be there at QuiltCon 13, though I'm sure I'll be there for QuiltCon 15, so I'm happy that something made by me will be in quiltCon!




Thank you for your comments... I try to reply to all of them personally, but sometimes life is just too fast to do that... But I love hearing from you...