Monday, February 18, 2013

I wish I was at QuiltCon!

Of course I wish I was on a plane heading towards the USA right now...

Which modern quilter wouldn't want that?

But unfortunately, I cannot go this year! I need to save up big time! But QuiltCon2015 I'll definitely be there!

So what do I, and all others who could not go to Quiltcon, do?

Have our own I wish I was at QuiltCon party!!!

Ready for some fun?

It is a simple party! What we do is we sew a lot! And then at the end of it, we link up!

The theme of the first 2 days is


You make anything - quilting related of course, why else would you want to go to QuiltCon!

After you're done - link up below so that we can all visit each other virtually and ogle at what fantastic jobs we're all doing! 

You have to complete the item in 2 days there will be another theme for Wednesday & Thursday!

So off you go!!!



  1. I will join in and make some scrappy trip along blocks.

  2. I am sew looking forward to going to Austin on Wed night but it would be really wonderful if you would be there and we could meet in person. I love your blog, have been following for a long time and it is wonderful to see what a wonderful community you have created around modern quilting. Hope to see you in 2015.

    I am planning to blog about my experience here


  3. Compared to you Quiltcon is in my back yard. I have a quilt in Moda's Bake Shop booth...but it will have to enjoy the show without me.

  4. I'm linked! Excited for the next theme! :-)


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