Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sew Thinky Thursday # 3

I am really enjoying the Sew Thinky Thursdays with Emily!

 Her questions have made me think so far, and I'm looking forward to a lot more thinking and soul searching with her...

Today's question is:
Describe your quilting style. Who or what influences you? How do you see your style changing over time?

Part 1 : What is my quilting style?

If I have to sum up my style in one word, it has to be


Yup. Why? Because I dare! I look at something I like and I want to make something similar - I DARE! Even if that means putting together thousands of pieces! I DARE! Even if it means testing my limits as a quilter, I DARE! Even if it means agonizing over why I started that stupid quilt in the first place, I DARE!

And in the end, I think even though my UFOs have taken up a lot of space in my cupboard, I'm happy to have attempted them! I am happy that I DARED! I am happy that I now know what I cannot do / am not comfortable doing (Matching corners surely is one of them - that is why I have 84 HSTs waiting to be trimmed and squared in the UFO shelf!)

here's what my Facebook Friends had to say about my style :
Emily thinks its Fabulous!
Sunita say's its Fresh!!
Kelly thinks its Modern!!!
And Suzanne thinks its Innovative!!!!


I'm happy to have friends who respond within seconds to my post to help me think!

Part 2 : Who or what influences me?

Anything and Everything! Absolutely! I find my inspirations anywhere...
In fabrics and pictures, in poems and phrases, inside books as well as on their covers... In people and relations! Online and offline too!!!


Part 3 : How do I see my style changing over time?

I do realize I have come a long way from my first quilts
 to today...

But that is only because I have dared more an more difficult (to me) stuff!

I so look forward to dare some more!!!

Whats your answer??? Do link up here.


  1. Excellent! And that Harry Potter quilt just takes my breath away every single time! :)

  2. Daring - I like it! And, the 84 HSTs waiting to be squared - I feel your pain! LOL! o:)


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