Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday Stash and more...

It is very rare that I do a post on a Sunday.... Sundays are meant to be spent with family!

 But today I could not resist showing off a few of my picks from my stash...

Here's my loot...

Some of them are from Fat Quarter Shop

The RK bundles, Aurifil thread, Angela Yosten FQ Bundle, The book and the yardages...

The Type is from a new to me etsy shop - Sew Me a Song...

The dot bundles are going to be used to make some cutesy baby quilts...

I'm thinking of using the Angela Yosten Bundle to make the Bay Area Modern Block of the Month quilt! IMQG is participating in the BOM!

The yardages will, most probably go into making bags / journal covers...

What do I do of this? I have ordered 6 yards of it! I had also ordered 2 yards of the sunglasses, but Becca sent me 2 yards of the journal print by mistake. I already had bought 1 yard of it from FQS! But being as nice a lady as she is, she has told me  to keep the 2 yards and she's sending me the original 2 yards of Sunglasses! One more reason to love Etsy shops!!!

In other news,
Kiddo ordered me to make a bag to carry his lunch box and water bottle to the school.
Here's how the conversation went :
A : "Mama, you NEVER make anythign for me."
Me : "Don't I? Who made you the quilt that you sleep under? Or the bag you take to the playground?"
A : "Yeah, but you know I NEED a bag to take my tiffin to school. And  you still haven't made one for me."
Me : "Okay, I'll make one today. Which fabric do you like?"
A : after selecting fabrics "Make sure it does not sleep (read collapse) when you put it on ground. And it HAS TO BE ready by the time I come back from school. Understood?"
Me : after recovering from the shock, "Okay, sir. It will be done"

I decided to keep my word and make him the bag. When he came back this was waiting for him.

It is a simple tote 9" x 12" x 3". I used the fabrics that he selected and straight-line-quilted it with Aurifil 28 wt 22602AI thread...

I KISSed it (Keep It Super Simple)
And he sure loved it!

and in further news,
I cut into the Poseidon FQ Bundle I had bought quite some time back.

I'm making it into a quilt that I'm writing a pattern for...
Having fun along the way...

What name would you suggest for that pattern? I want something with an "ocean" feel...


  1. You're such a good mama. Pretty quilt. How about Lazin' at the Beach? Looks like you did very well in the fabric acquisition! Fun!

  2. great lunch bag for your little man!! i am so lusting after the fabrics...i know literal, but, how about ocean waves?

  3. I love the waves quilt! :) Looking good!

  4. haha.. too cute about your son.. Mine asks me to make him a bag too, but not quite so assertive :)

  5. Love you quilting. Maybe Tidal should be the name of your quilt or Ocean Tides?

    I had a question - I'm following your Samosa Pouch tutorial on Sewmama sew and I'm confused on one thing. The zipper. How long should the zipper be in between the two zipper ends? Is it 5 1/2 inches? At one point you say to cut it off 5 1/2 inches from one zipper end and then add the 2nd zipper end. Should I only trim it to 6 inches?


  6. Lovely lunch bag mama! Can I have one too? :P
    How about "Aqua Pool" or "Oceania" or "Wave-mania" or "Wavorama" for the design? Love the colors and the wavey design!


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