Friday, March 1, 2013

A Self Portrait Quilt Along!

In January, we kicked off the Self Portrait Quilt along on Facebook.

It was a closed group and no peeking outside the group was allowed!

I had some fabulous students who made awesome quilts!!!

It was an experience that I can never forget!


Firstly, I am in no way an expert on Portrait Quilts. There were many in the group who were much more talented than me. The question was only to give them a little nudge!

I decided that it has to be a Self Portrait! Why a self portrait?
This was my message to the group right in the beginning

"A few of you have apprehensions about choosing your own picture... I can understand... Its not usually a routine that we fuss over ourselves... Especially when we have a hobby that is as time and energy consuming as ours, we tend to devote every free moment (of effort as well as thoughts) towards the people we think we ignore! But don't you think, we should change the way we think - just a little bit! Yes, it will really boost our morals if we give ourselves not just a little importance - but a little more time too! So if you think you do not have a perfect picture - go and get a head shot! If you want to make a gift for your husband - what better gift than an actual sized quilt of you (gives a whole new meaning to "slept with my wife" - LOL)? Maybe a quilt with your face for your baby's room! Or just so that you can finally enter the show and win a ribbon! Go ahead ladies' do it! Immortalize yourself! You can always make your husbands/babies/parents quilts later!"

Though there were some who sqirmed in their seats, eventually everyone got to their cutting mats (and ironing boards and sewing machines) and started working on their quilts!

I'm amazed at the talent of these girls! And their sense of community. All along the way, they were encouraging each other, sharing their experiences that even helped me learn quite a many new things... Did you know you can use MS Excel to print your image in parts so that when combined it will be a one huge picture? I didn't, but I do know how now!

Here's a gallery of some of their works!

We had prizes along the way. Sponsored by Aurifil threads and Fat Quarter Shop.
The first was for the first person to complete the quilt.
It was won by Suzanne. She was the first to finish hers... Can you believe that this is her first attempt at machine quilting?

Up close was Daren. I loved how she improvised with the scarf to cover "grey" parts of her neck from the photo.

 Then was Gayle.I loved the innocence of the photo which she has kept intact in the quilt too. She gave me the brilliant idea of using tulle to hold the raw edge applique pieces together.

This one's by Michelle. I just loved the photo. Its so glamorous and the fact that she made it in pink makes it look so desirable!

Caz made hers using fewer colors and I really like the effect of it! She did a marvellous job with the quilting too!

Then there's Laura. She chose an older photo and it sure is a very good choice. She did a great job adjusting the light and contrast on the original one.

Gay too made a fabulous job. Just look at the super-thin spectacles! She should have kept the road runner though! (There was a shadow of the RR shape in her hair. She became so conscious about it that she cut it off!)

Janice also did a splendid job on hers!

Nicole started off, but got overwhelmed due to the sheer number of pieces and has been editing her image to re-do it ever since.

I will be doing individual posts about these girls and the many more from the group who have been workign on their quilts real hard!

Stay tuned for those posts.

And for those who could not join the quilt along... From 31.3.13, I will be offering one to one coaching to make these quilts. Please email me for details. Or wait for my etsy shop to come up.



  1. Great job, ladies!! I think everyone should do a self-portrait quilt, it's good on so many levels. I did one in a completely different method, but yours looks very fun and I must try it when I am through experimenting with the way I did mine ( I'm on the 3rd one, of a bird).

    Congratulations again!

  2. Let's just say WOW!!! Obviously talended sewers-talented teacher. By the looks of those beautiful self-portraits you can count yourself as a very talented teacher. They were all super gorgeous.

  3. These are amazing. You must be a wonderful teacher.


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