Friday, March 22, 2013

FQS Fun Fridays!!! - March

It is That Time Of The Month!!!

The time when you strech your brains and dig into virtual fabric showrooms and come out with the most amazing answers!!!


Its time for FQS Fun Fridays!!!

Here's our designer(s) for this month that you have to identify

Who are they???

And identify 2 of the fabrics that they have designed from the following 5.






To win, Leave a comment with 2 things :
1. Name of the Designer
2. Identify the two fabrics designed by the designer out of the five shown above.

I will be drawing 1 lucky winner from all the correct entries on Tuesday 26th March 6.00 am (IST)

 The winner will get half yard cuts of the two fabrics of today's designer!

Have fun!


Once again, I have turned the comments moderation on! So don't worry that others will read your comment and answer. :)


  1. Eric and Julie Comstock- Numbers 1 and 3. Thanks for the giveaway.

  2. Eric & Julie Comstock
    Cosmo Cricket
    #1 2wenty Thr3e Clementine FoxTrot
    #3 2wenty Thr3e Pavement Kodachrome

  3. Julie and Eric Comstock - #1 is 2wenty Thr3e Clementine Fox Trot and #3 is 2wenty Thr3e Pavement Kodachrome.

  4. Eric & Julie Comstock
    1. Foxtrot clementine
    4. Pavement Kodachrome

  5. That's the Comstocks of Cosmo Cricket. They have lots of homey style fabrics. They have a fresh take on things! Their fabrics are # 1 and # 3 the Kodachrome. I look forward to this feature on your blog. Also loved the Love your machine blog feature a while back! Thanks

  6. 1. Eric and Julie Comstock
    2. They designed fabrics number 1 and 3.

    Thanks Shruti for a fun giveaway. I enjoy seeing how quickly I can answer these!

  7. They are Eric &Julie Comstock. The fabric is 2wenty Thr3e for Moda. 3. Is Pavement Kodachrome
    1. Clementine Foxtrot

  8. Good mornng I will play along
    #1 2wenty Thr3e by Eric and Julie Comstock of Cosmo Cricket for Moda
    #2 the 2 fabrics shown that belong to that collection are your picture #1 & #3
    Thanks for the chance to enter your fun giveaway.

  9. Fabric # 1: Fox Trot in Clementine
    Fabric # 3: Kodachrome in Pavement
    Designer: Eric & Julie Comstock
    2wenty Thr3e line

  10. This is Eric and Julie Comstock.
    Their fabrics are:
    #1 - 2wenty Thr3e Clementint Fox Trot
    #3 - 2wenty Thr3e Pavement Kodachrome

    Thanks for the fun mystery!


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