Sunday, March 31, 2013

My new look!!! The story of the new logo!

As many of you must have noticed... I have changed my logo!

This has been planned for quite a while!

Today on 31.3.13 I will be starting my etsy shop too... edit : wont be able to do it as I fell down the stairs and hurt my bottom real hard. Cannot sit for longer hours... Maybe I'll do it in a couple of weeks :(

So what's with my new logo?

If you see closely, you can see that it is an elephant with a internet cursor at his feet!

The Elephant symbolizes Lord Ganpati since we worship him before we start anything new. And the cursor "hand" at his feet is his loyal carrier - the mouse! I feel it is a modern version of the traditional symbolism in India - Same as my work is the modern version of the traditional quilting styles!

Do you like my new look???


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